Building the Treehouse, Part II

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(In case you need to go back: Building this thing, Part I)

The next step was putting the braces up, adding a couple of joists for the deck boards, and building some sort of ladder/trap door mess.

This is the part where I began "winging it", and suffice it to say there were consequences.

The 2x4 struts under the floor weren't difficult to measure or cut, but they were harder to screw to the tree. My dad came over and began bleating about how I needed to anchor the struts with lag bolts and not just the 4 1/2" screws I'd used, which I thought was a little unecessary, as the weight is being supported through the strut and basically anchoring itself to the tree, once I pounded them in there tight enough. But I did what he wanted and put lag bolts through 2 of the longest struts, and then I tried to put one through the third...

Whereupon my only 5/8 drill bit ( a monster big one!) broke off in the tree. I was trying to drill a pilot hole through the 2x4, and that sucker just broke off! It was embedded so deep there was no way to get it out! So of course I left it there and moved on.

The ladder was something I rigged up from leftover 2x4 scrap, and the trap door turned out to be so heavy it would put a kid in a coma if it fell on his head. (I did not follow the diagram for the trap door. Ahem.) So now the trap door is permanently tied to the railing so it can't close. Sigh. Yet another reason for my dad to freak out.

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  1. I am loving this blog and am trying something similar. I am curious to know what you used for the roof.


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