Building the Treehouse, Part III

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At this point in the process, I was getting tired. The railings were the easiest part, as they didn't require lots of lag bolts, pre-drilling giant holes, and trying to wrestle with ratchet sets. Just little sticks, a drill, and some normal screws, yo. Easy as pie.

Once the railings were up, I built a skeleton for the roof out of 2x2 lumber, planning on putting something over it for sun shade. (This is where pre-planning would have helped, but let's not fuss over pipe dreams, I say.)

Whilst screwing these 2x2's together, I was too lazy to pre-drill for the screws and I reaped what I sowed. Those things cracked like nobody's business, and it was something I didn't want my dad to see. (There are lots of things I don't want my dad to see, so whenever he comes over I feel VERY anxious.) So I tied the corners with LOTS of twine, covering the mess and making them stronger, and it came out looking very Swiss Family Robinson.. so: cool.

The roof was a pain in the ass. I was out of money, and needed something to cover it. I thought a tarp would work, but they were such ugly bright colors I couldn't stand it. I also needed it to be lightweight, since the roof skeleton wasn't made for bearing a lot of lumber.

So I used bamboo-looking patio blinds. They were plastic but looked like the roll-up bamboo stuff, so I thought that would be cool. It took two sets of these blinds, which I then had to cut in half diagonally in order to staple it to the 4 planes of the roof. WHEN YOU CUT BLINDS, you must cut each string one at a time and tie them all off, or the whole thing will fall apart. (In case you were crazy enough to try this.)

Dad came over and we used my extension ladder to staple these things all over, and we trimmed them with scissors. It looks very cool if I do say so myself. I hope it lasts. heh.

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  1. I cannot believe you made this yourself! What an accomplishment - I don't think I could make a doll house, never mind a tree house. I'm sure your little boy loves it.

  2. This is awesome, great job!! I'm absolutely impressed and appreciate your candor when talking about your mistakes (we all make them!). Keep up the great work!

  3. This is so amazing! What an amazing example you have set for your kids. Do have a just a ball park figure on what the supplies cost you for this? I would like to do something like this for my kids but I'm on a tight budget.

  4. Hi Danielle,

    this is one of the first posts I ever wrote on this blog, so if I could do it over I would have made this a better tutorial with a cost breakdown. I believe I spent around $300, which ended up being way more than I wanted to spend. If I had to do it over again I would have done something else with the roof, because the blinds didn't last. We had a freak snowfall one winter and it collapsed.
    I also would have made it smaller so it would have required less wood.

  5. Go girl power! I have more tools than most men.. Great job!

  6. loved this article. good job. Love your writing style!

  7. Very funny! I am making a tree house with my dad this weekend. I am hoping we will get a along and that my husband will go with it (even though I haven't told him about the whole tree house thing yet).haha

  8. I love your commentary as you describe the build. It sounds just like me when I build something. I am going to build a small tree house just like this, thanks for the hints!


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