The treehouse

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When we first came to South Carolina at the beginning of the summer, I was desperately trying to come up with distractions for the kids: distractions from the insanity we'd just left in Texas, the total upheaval of our lives, and the fact that we were temporarily homeless and living with my parents.

Every day we drove by our new home which was under construction, and I pointed to the trees in the backyard. "Look at that one, Jack!" I said. "We're going to build a treehouse on it!"

So in the first month after we moved, I googled for treehouse plans. It didn't take long to find something simple enough. I knew there were men willing to build it for us, but it was important to me that my kids knew *I* built it for them. I didn't tell anyone when I started, because inevitably my dad or the men at church would drive over and try to "help" (i.e. take over.)


I used a ratchet drill I borrowed from the neighbor, because I wasn't always strong enough to sink the screws just using my body weight. Tools involved in this project were:
ratchet drill
ratchet set
multiple drill bits (broke one in the tree!)
levels, tape measure
my mitre saw
reciprocating saw (to fix a couple of screw-ups)

Go to: Building the Treehouse, Part 1

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  1. YOU ARE AMAZING! also, your ex, TOTAL IDIOT :D

  2. This is so awesome! Your work is totally impressive! Love it!

  3. You are an inspiration to EVERY woman, you are totally on my hero list <3

  4. your work is AMAZING!!!!

  5. This is amazing. I'm going to do this too!

  6. This is great, but you need to leave a bigger hole to allow for tree growth, otherwise all this work will be for nothing. if you are worried about the gap, you could build a simple bench or something else easy to disassemble in the future to make room for the tree.

  7. such inspiration. my grandson and granddaughter ARE going to have a treehouse! ;-)

  8. Awesome. Why did you go with 7' boards? Your sketch says 'no longer than 7', wondering why... personal preference or load bearing or...? I plan on building something similar for my kids.

    1. honestly Anthony I can't remember now - if I copied that from the book or came up with that on my own. My only advice (looking back on this project), is that smaller would have been better. the 7' was on the high side and made the whole thing a little too big.

  9. How long were your (5/8 in?) lag bolts?

  10. How big of screws did you use?

  11. Would this work. Doesn't the tree need to grow?

  12. Love it! Way to go for doing what you set out to do. I'm looking to build something for my girls and this is great inspiration. Thank you!


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