Ghetto shelving, baby!

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When we moved from TX to SC, some pieces of junk didn't survive the trip. One of which was this cheapo bookcase made of MDF and laminate:

My bookcase looked like that except it was shorter. I was keeping it in the garage and putting shoes and crap on it, until it finally gave up the ghost a couple months ago. The flimsy back piece fell off and the joints came undone, so I tore the whole thing apart and removed all the screws (saving them, of course. Do you know how expensive screws are now??)  Once I had a pile of MDF boards, I decided to build some shelves in the garage. I always need more storage out there.
The MDF boards are held up by leftover pieces of deck railing, which I had sitting in the garage from building the treehouse last October. I cut them on my miter saw, and used leftover screws from the treehouse as well. This is how far I got before I ran out of screws, but I will be getting child support later this week so Mama's gonna finish this project soon.
This is a really badly executed project since I am not strong enough to sink 4 1/2" screws using my body weight. I end up stripping the heads on a couple and they still stick out of the surface by an inch. Totally depressing, but eventually I'll get a ratchet drill. Someday.

Linking to Make Your Monday and Met Monday, even though this is totally not cute. Just functional and free. :)

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  1. Way to recycle! I have that same problem with screws. What about using wax on the screws so they go in easier.

  2. You are amazing! I need to be more like you :)

    That house? 1.8 million. Dammit.

  3. GASP! 1.8 mil -- I would have fainted. But it was BEAUTIFUL!

    Yes, I had another engineer write to tell me to use wax or pre-drill, since I'm such a lazy butt!! lol

  4. Love the blog girl! I have always loved your creative ideas and how you decorate btw I think the hutch cabinet came out fantastic!

  5. OH I have some websites for you!

    And the best one is an Ikea only swap site but I can't find it! Everybody loves free Ikea!


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