The Kitchen Valance -- Just Right!

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I originally thought a box-pleat valance would work here, but that's just because I got in a rut and made too many box-pleat valances in a row. I started to forget how to "visualize" something more unique! Anyway here's where I started, please ignore the paint that stops halfway down the wall, and the unfinished cabinets and counters. No, I cannot multitask at ALL...

And now, here is what I did. I lowered the brackets so it wasn't so close to the ceiling. Normally I like window treatments to start really high, but this time it just wasn't working for me for some reason. Then I cut the valance down, by folding it in half and freehand sketching a half-moon shape, cutting it out, re-sewing the edge, and then re-stapling to the board.
After that it was green pom-pom fringe, which is why I just ADORE it. It's exactly the way it's supposed to be now. :)
I made this out of leftover fabric from my living room curtains, and a board from the scrap pile -- so this valance cost me a couple of bucks in trim.
Now it's just so darn cute I want to kiss it! My 7 year old daughter came home from school and said "Hey I really like what you did to the curtain. Cute."
The red chandelier? Not so much.
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  1. I like the red light, makes the red from the curtains pop. Very good job!

  2. Oh how I love custom-made pieces that are very inexpensive. You've given me some inspiration for a valance in my kitchen. I don't want a straight box like I did in my bedroom so this is exactly the inspiration I needed.

    Awesome work!

  3. Yeah the half moon was a good idea. it looks very cute!

  4. Yes, much better. Go pom poms!

  5. I LOVE these curtains. I wanted to do something similar to match my toile rooster chairs-well same fabric-I have no clue how do to this! PLUS I have a wooden valance that attaches my two sets of cabinets over the sink. So frustrating.

  6. Oh, your kitchen looks so cute. Love the valance. Wow, you are doing this all by yourself. I love the red pendant light over your sink. I see why you want to see the room in front of my breakfast room. We like the same colors. That is my sunroom addition and I will probably post it once the trees get green outside or I may before then.

  7. Love, love, LOVE the valance!


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