Monday, February 15, 2010

This project is from last summer but since I'm getting ready to repaint the foyer, I was looking at it again. This started out as a stained piece that I bought off Craigslist. I paid way to much for it considering that I was planning on ruining the finish, but I couldn't find anything this size or quality for less. (This is before I discovered auctions-- curses!)

The paint color is Dill Pickle from Benjamin Moore. I love it but it looks not-so-good next to the greenish-yellow wall paint, which is why the foyer is getting ready to turn mocha.

Here it is before, after I had already removed the brass "fence" that was attached around the back perimeter:
And here it is now. I like it better, but I've been informed that what I did to this piece of furniture was a crime against everything right and pure in this world...

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  1. I like your version better, but I would be scared to do anything to a "fine" piece of furniture:) My husband builds cabinets and furniture, he would have a fit if I painted something like that - lol. That's why I buy cheap cabinets to play with.

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  3. I love your version. I read somewhere, Eddie Ross, I think, that if you are not in love with a piece of furniture in its current state that it is your right, your duty, to make it the way you love it. Whether it's an antique or not. Do what you love to it and you will be happy. That being said, I have a buffet sitting in my living room that I haven't painted because my father would have a heart attack if I painted it! Go figure.

  4. i for one think it looks great!

  5. actually I have been doing the same thing at my house. I love the look. Follow your heart girl.

  6. I LOVE the color. I am rhinking of painting a few things in my house too.

  7. I LOVE what you did with the sideboard. My husband dies at the thought of painting wood (unless it's unfinished). But if I don't like to look at it, why have it around?


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