Thursday, March 25, 2010

I AM working on tiling the backsplash, I swear. So far I have level lines drawn and I'm ready to set the first row:

         But I was getting distracted by the warm weather and the fact that my blue hyacinths were coming up in the front yard. Unfortunately I can't afford to buy all the bulbs I would love to have, but just because I'm poor doesn't mean there isn't a way.
         For those of you not in the south, I recently discovered that yellow daffodils grow WILD here, and sprout alongside country roads...what? you can find them outside of a nursery?! So I loaded up the minivan with a bucket, my dad's shovel, and my 3-year-old.
         As we were cruising the backroads, my son would yell out "Look mom!! There they are!" followed by slamming on the brakes (because we both love that), and a digging exercise.
         Here they are, free daffodils in my lonely front flowerbed:
I forgot gardening gloves in my hurry, so I had to let the mud dry on my hands. My steering wheel is now caked in dirt, but it was worth it!

I saw some SWEET daffodils that weren't plain yellow...but the road had a steep ditch on both sides and I'm not sure how to get to them. I'm thinking.....
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  1. We live in Kentucky -they definitely grow wild here. I love it! Its especially nice if you can find different sizes and colors. :) ALSO orange/red/yellowish day lilies grow wild down here-we have them in ditches all over the place.


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