Mommy 1, Kitchen Cabinet 0

7:14 PM Katy 2 Comments

I decided to make some progress on the lower cabinets in preparation for the new counters (coming soon)!  Originally there was no cabinet to the right of the dishwasher, but there was definitely SPACE for it. Since the kitchen had almost zero storage this seemed very very stingy on the part of the builder. So I bought a three drawer cabinet at Lowe's to go on the end. (I tried to find one on Craigslist but I finally lost all patience. My city doesn't have a very good Craigslist.)

Today I ripped out the end piece of cheap MDF and fake veneer. woot! My youngest was trying to help, and each time I pounded on the crowbar he would scream "You win Mommy! YOU WIN!" Because ripping out some paneling is a sport in his eyes. :)
But now I have this weirdness in the wood floor:
I have never patched hardwood floors before but I will see what I can do tomorrow. I need to cut out the floor under the new cabinet so it's level with the rest, so I'll have pieces I could use to patch... I am hoping I don't make any catastrophic mistakes!

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  1. Unfortunately, I can't help you with your floor situation but maybe I maybe I can help you with the hydrangeas you can't keep alive. I have never had one die, however, mine are extremely old. I have a very brown thumb so this is a miracle. My brother says they like acidic soil. How to make your soil acidic? I don't know but mine are planted under cedar trees and that does the trick. I cute them back, almost to the ground, every fall. You might try googling it.

    Necel from the Old House in Texas

  2. mommy likey! stupid builder! ugh patching is no fun but if you have more flooring it isn't that bad I guess. I know you can get it done!


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