Workbenches in the Garage

7:48 PM Katy 4 Comments

I cannot live in this squalor for another second. I know -- know!--- that I own a couple of studfinders, tape measures, and screwdrivers that are totally lost in this mess. I can't find anything when I need it. It got so bad I was hoarding tools in the kitchen cabinets when I found them, so they wouldn't get lost in the garage again. Eventually I had an entire section of the kitchen crammed full of tools.

(this is AFTER I cleared out a bunch of crap! Like an oven and range hood I wasn't using. lol)

So here's the progress. Slowly, slowly...someday I will be a big girl who can find her tools when she needs them:

I'm building this using scraps from the treehouse and kitchen countertops. I've run out of wood so I have to get some 2X4s.  Everything was coated with a thick layer of pollen, so it's been fun. I'll post pics when it's done!

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  1. This looks great!! It made me laugh about tools in the kitchen so you can find them instead of losing them in the garage...I know firsthand how that is...LOL!!


  2. I just read through all your posts and I'm so impressed - you go girl! I"m looking forward to seeing your future projects.

  3. You're doing an amazing job! Your garage looks fantastic.

    Thank you for visiting The Domestic Fringe. I appreciate the kind words you had for my remade kitchen. Hope you stop by again!

  4. I have tools all over the house and can never find a tape measure when I need one. Your garage looks great.


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