Deck Building and Almost Breaking My Foot

5:00 PM Katy 4 Comments

So I'm trying to get the deck finished, and I'm working on the railings today. (Happy 4th of July everyone, btw!)

My mom took some pics of me working on this and I was unshowered, with a bad root problem that I need to address soon. ahem. So please ignore that.

You see that lovely footwear? Those are the flip flops I wear everywhere, and now I know why construction-type people are always wearing boots instead. I dropped a 2X4 on my foot and felt like I broke my toes. I tried very hard not to say bad words in front of my baby. I think I succeeded.

I'm excited to be done with this. It'll be the last major project for a while. Partly because I'm completely broke, but also partly because I am starting school in the fall and won't have time for this sort of thing. The other day a friend stopped by from church and I was trying to keep my kids entertained while I was working on the deck. I turned to him and moaned "I wish I had a WIFE!!!!!!"
Seriously. :/

and this business here. The kids have been begging me for a pet and I just didn't want another mouth to feed. But I finally broke down. This is what happens when your husband leaves, you feel constant guilt that they don't have a dad like all the other kids on the block, and you think that this might win you some points.

She's sweet. Pretty much sleeps all day in the fake plant in the living room. I wish I didn't have to change litter though. sigh!!

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  1. I dropped a router bit on my toe once when wearing flip-flops and it punctured all the way through the nail. I make sure I'm at least wearing tennies now when I use power tools. I think we've all done it once or twice! Hope your foot is recovered.

    Good job not giving in to the f-bomb. I have such a bad mouth when I hurt myself or get really mad at a dumb mistake I've made (which I do all the time so I'm pretty much always a potty mouth.) Can't wait to see the finished deck.

  2. Katy, you're an inspiration! You're kids are so lucky. Good luck & looking forward to the deck reveal!

  3. umm I meant your, my grammar is usually better, but typing and nursing simultaneously... you know :)

  4. You are doing an amazing job on the deck. Such an inspiration as you are doing it by yourself while entertaining the kiddos.


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