Monday, September 6, 2010

I never posted about this before because it's never been at the top of my priority list. When we moved in I slapped some paint on the walls, and threw the furniture and drapes in there from the last house. The only new thing I added was the pictures frame, with new pics of the kids from last summer. I stenciled a design around it on the wall, but I don't know if I'm loving this. I'd really rather have board and batten all over the walls but I'm not up for that yet. :)

I really love the "all white" fever in decorating right now, but I have too much dark wood and color to really go there, if you will. So I was thinking of going all white on the walls with some kind of wood trim or paneling treatment. But I have so many other little projects that seem more important.

(note: my pictures are always weird because I'm not a photographer, I can never get the lighting right, and I have a very old camera. But I think you can see the stenciling I'm talking about right? ha ha)
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  1. Your house looks wonderful as it is!! I love all the white in decorating right now too, but it is so not pratical for a family with 2 kids & 2 dogs. My life would turn into constant wiping-of-the fingerprints fest! So happy for you that you got a job! You go girl!! Angie xo

  2. I love your room!! It's very cheerful & open. I love all the white too and I have my good share of it but I also LOVE color! I always think it's so refreshing to see a room with vibrant colors like your living room. Jen

  3. you are doing a fine job, keep up the goals and attitude.

  4. Love it all. I think that stenciling would look really good on that whole wall heehee

  5. ugh I just don't think the stencil is working. It needs to be bigger, higher contrast, and cover the whole wall.
    But I'd rather have wainscoting or something!

  6. I love your color scheme and everything you have done to make your house a home. I love it so much that I featured you on my blog today! I think you are amazing, and you have great ideas to share.

    See you soon,

  7. Misti sent me over and what a thrill to meet you. Love the colors of your living room. It is so pretty. I browsed a few of your other posts and your deck and kitchen are fabulous. What a great job. I look forward to more of your posts. Hugs, Marty

  8. Misti sent me over here too. I love all your projects, those I've seen so far, and am now following you. Us single moms with 3 kids gotta stick together! :-)

  9. So lovely Katy!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today !!! Happy Saturday to you!

    Cheers Tracy

  10. I like the stencil-idea, and I am sure the photograph doesn't do it justice. It amazes me how many people freak out when you suggest stenciling to them, like it would be impossible to change it or something. I love it.


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