Saturday, October 16, 2010

I know this doesn't have anything to do with home improvement projects, but new bling is important. :) I've lived in South Carolina over a year now, and I finally got to visit Charleston for the first time this month. It's a beautiful city and I love the atmosphere. I am trying to get with the latest trends (ha ha), and ALL the street vendors were selling this type of thing:
Now excuse the hair, I was overdue for a haircut and dye job (as usual). Anyway, I LOVE this trend, but I am still getting used to the idea of wearing monster pearls with jeans. Unfortunately I work in a mostly male-dominated manufacturing environment, so I don't dress like this at work. I wear polo shirts and khakis every day (boo hiss).
Speaking of which, I am giving my first presentation to a whole bunch of utility companies next Tuesday, and I'm kinda sorta terrified a little nervous.

And here's some more eye candy from Charleston:

I'm totally going back...

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  1. I love your bling! You look totally awesome! You should wear it to work with your jeans because we are women and we can do and wear whatever we wish! LOL! Angie xo

  2. One of my girlfriends wears pearls with EVERYTHING...I'm not even exaggerating. She even has some that are different colors-

  3. Love your necklaces, totally adorable.

    And I think your hair looks great!


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