Daughter's bedroom design

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I am getting ready to start the bedroom, as soon as these kids are out the door this week...but while I enjoy painting and building things, picking out colors/fabrics/finishes is never my strong suit. I am not very good at that sort of decorating, and so I tend to just pick out one thing and try to work around it.
In this case, I've got all white furniture and I'm painting the walls white, so that means I can do something colorful with the other stuff right? ha
Here is the fabric I found at Hancock's, for the roman shade on her window:
here's the drapery fabric:
 Here are the lampshades I found at Pottery Barn Teen on sale:

Here's the rug:

 (It's actually pink, not salmon colored like the picture seems on my screen)

Now I'm thinking I will use the leftover fabric for the shams on the bed, and after that I'm fresh out of ideas. At least I've got some sort of plan. ?

On another note (or tangent), tonight the last DVD player finally broke, and I had two other (broken?) ones out in the garage on my work bench. At this point my bench is inaccessible, because there are Christmas boxes and all kinds of other junk blocking my path. My lightbulbs overhead in the garage also burned out, so it's pitch black out there, and I needed a screwdriver. (Or at least, maybe drag out all the DVD players to see if I could get one of them running.)
So I thought I would just hop over the front end of the minivan to get to the bench (because when I park I have to gently nudge the front end into the Christmas Box Mountain, so I can get the rear inside and lower the garage door). I couldn't scale the minivan because I'm really short, so I grabbed an empty plastic kitty litter box and set it next to the van. I managed to get over the hood and find a screwdriver and the 2 other (broken?) DVD players. I'm clutching all of this stuff and trying to crawl back up the hood of the van, and I can't find a good handhold! So I'm hopping up on the van and sliding back down, repeatedly.
At this point I just spread out on the hood and laughed. My baby came to the door and asked what I was doing.
"Nothing honey, just getting a screwdriver."
As I finally got my ass UP over the hood with all my stuff, I reached out with my foot and knocked over the kitty litter box. I let my body roll off the side of the van, poking out with one foot so I didn't land on something worse, and thought to myself:
"maybe it would be worth it to find some lightbulbs and get out the ladder?"

But regardless, I have one working DVD player. And no remote to control it.

Merry Christmas, y'all!  :)

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