Bedroom Reveal

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My daughter loves it, and it's so right for her. :) Here are the before pictures:

It was just a mess. Here are after pics, yes I know I need a real camera. :)

 I scored this daybed on Craigslist. It has a trundle bed underneath for sleepovers! I had to drive all the way to Timbuktu with my dad's truck to find it, but sooo worth it. Her full-size bed from before was way too big for this smaller room...
 This dresser has been in my family for 60 years. It was mine when I was growing up and now it's my daughter's. (It has a highboy, bedside table, and matching twin beds but those pieces are used elsewhere, my mom's house on the lake, etc)

These lampshades were on sale on Pottery Barn Teen.

 The strobe-light snowflake was on clearance at Lowe's after Christmas. It's LED and the bulbs flash in rainbow colors and different patterns -- there's a remote control for it, she LOVES this!
 This pic is out of order, before I moved all her junk into the room :)

 Again, I used that trusty tutorial for roman shades from Little Green Notebook. I can't tell you how much that tutorial has changed my life. No more sewing roman shades from scratch!!
 The pillows are stupid easy to sew, now that I don't attempt to put zippers in them, or stuff them and hand-sew the opening. I sew two pieces of fabric overlapping on the back, sort of like a pocket.
 My daughter collects "hair flowers", so I clipped them on the lampshades. The lamps were part of the 60-year-old bedroom set, and my dad fixed the sockets for me. Every lamp in this house has been broken by my boys. These were no exception. :(
The dotty fabric was on sale for $5 a yard online, and I bought it a month ago before I had a clear plan in mind. It was pure luck that I found a matching sheet set at Target. Serendipity!
There is a round pink rug on the floor that matches too, I got that on Overstock. (Don't have a pic for some reason)

Thanks to Susan for selling me this daybed, and I hope you're happy in your new house! :)

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  1. It looks fantastic - so sweet and fresh. I love the daybed and the fabric you found for the roman blind. What a great bedroom - lucky daughter.

  2. Katy,

    What a fantastic room for a little girl!

    I haven't seen many posts from you in a while and now I can see why; you've been busy!

    I particularly love the fabric on the window blind and cushions.

    Great work!

  3. Love it, love it, love it! Especially the fabric on the shade and pillows! What a fabulous job you did. Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm about to look around yours and see what other fabulous projects you've done.

  4. I love this! I love the coordination of the fabrics. I've had that roman shade tutorial on my list to do for a while and have yet to do it--your roman shades and panels look so nice together, great job!

  5. You are absolutely amazing! I can't believe you built that tree house out of the love for your children. It is amazing what we will do to make our kids happy in times of uncertainty. I can completely relate to you, being a single mom too. My kids although older than yours now, were at similar ages when my marriage broke up. I so want my kids esp my girls to know how capable as women we are. You are a perfect example of that. Wishing you the happiest new year~ Sue

  6. Everything looks so fantastic!! I love the floral/grey fabric you did for the roman shades...and how well it coordinates with the pink polka dot fabric! Great job!!! :)

  7. wow! everything looks awesome!!

    i actually love the snowflake too. what a great way to think 'outside of the box'. pure genius!

    love the flower fabric!

  8. Love it! Love the floral and polka dots...and everything else too!!!

    Oh, and I'm not fond of studfinders either in response to your comment on my blog. And yes, I do have to drag around an air compressor!

    :-) Sandra

  9. She must have been THRILLED to come home to this!!! What a delightful transformation for your girl!

  10. wow...i really amazed by your blog.I really don't know how you spend your time with working as an engineer, kids, DIY's and blogging..seriously??! are you iron woman??


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