Saturday, January 8, 2011

This was my powder room:

 Everyone who came to visit was greeted with this bathroom by the front door. I have two little boys. It did not smell lovely. I went from this:
 to this:
 In the past week. This bathroom is only 29 inches wide (no joke), so it's basically a coat closet with a toilet stuffed inside. The boys peeing everywhere, using the walls for booger collection, and "missing" their hands with the soap dispenser made it just... NASTY. (The handsoap stains on the walls did not look like soap.)
First I ripped out the baseboards:
 And replaced them with 4" wide primed wood, I think these are exterior trim pieces. They are very rough, not intended for indoor trim (no beveled edges). They were really cheap though. In a dream world, I would have a router table and the time and energy to use it, but at this point, this is how we roll. :)
I used 3" wide pieces for the top rail, and the little 1.5" sticks to make this sort of board and batten look. (I hope)
Then I spent a couple of nights just caulking and filling lots of unintended holes, sanding and sanding, and painting. I also changed the light fixture because it was too dark in there and I needed another bulb:

This project really only required my miter saw, level, drill, and putty knife. I glued the boards on the wall with Locktite, but some of them wouldn't lay flat so I put a screw in them. (I have a studfinder but I'm throwing it in the trash. Completely useless piece of junk. I finally just drilled 15 holes in a line down the wall until I hit a stud with my bit, and then refilled the holes. Curses!!)

(This is just a hand towel I had in the closet. I can never get all the details right.)

My mom gave me this wall art for Christmas. She was trying to give me a "nudge" on fixing up that bathroom. She knows if she gives me something like that, I will finally get motivated to do the work. :)

A final note on the paint colors: The bottom is Simply White by Benjamin Moore. The top color is the perfect shade of gray/blue/green. I mixed it, using 1 quart of Light French Gray from Sherwin Williams, and 1 qt of  Pensive Sky by Glidden. (Or maybe it was Behr. shoot -- got it at Home Depot)

I'm linking up for Sandra's Build(Hers) Club Party, she is my idol and I hope to someday be as awesome as her. (Everyone needs inspiration! :)) It's not until Feb 4th, but who knows if I'll get anything else done by then, so this is my entry.
And my Met Monday, too!

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  1. This is the most awesome tiny bathroom re-do, ever. I have a bath exactly like this one up in our bonus room - literally a tiny closet. I've been thinking of glazing it to look like striped wall-paper, but I can't figure out how to get my ladder over the toilet.

  2. I LOVE it! It looks fantastic!!! {And you are just too sweet! Really!!!}

  3. this is exactly what I want to do in our house. I LOVE this!

  4. Katy, I didn't know you had this blog! Great stuff--I wish I was handy but I have NO patience and neither does Jeff, so we're screwed when it comes to home improvement projects. I do know how to use the telephone to call somebody, but that's about as good as my skill level gets. I put you on my blog roll....I'm sure you'll get tons of hits from the tens and tens who read mine ;-)

  5. Great Job... it's beautiful! Love the wall sculpture!!

  6. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration. My master bath needs a makeover this year! Beautiful!

  7. Looks fabulous! I just did this board and batten in my dining room, which I have been wanting to do FOR YEARS, and I have debated on doing my tiny L-shaped guest bath, too. You took more time, though, and ripped out the baseboard. I totally cheated and sat mine right on top of the old one. Doesn't really fit, and I don't care. Your bathroom looks super fabulous! Can't wait to see what else you've been up to!


  8. Like WHOA - just found your blog over at debbiedos and I am in love with your bathroom. I am thinking I will have to go home and measure mine, cause I am pretty freakin sure it's not that much bigger than yours... and it's blue! Not a crazy "ugly" blue, but most def NOT a blue I would pick, but we need some paneling to break it up - or something... you know.

    Anywho - maybe I will try this in the upcoming months.


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