Snowed In & Tearing Up the Living Room

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The factory is shut down so I can't go to work. The school is shut down. I have three kids and their friends in the house, I've run out of milk and bread, and I'm going nuts. So I've changed the furniture layout in the living room, and I need HELP.
Here it was originally:

So here's the problem. Besides the fact that the paint color is icky. All of this furniture was originally bought for my old house in Texas, which was twice the size. (Here is where I reminisce about the pre-divorce days, and then remember that I love life much better now lol)

See? it all made sense there...granted the paint color was better, but still.

I've decided that things must change. I can't live with this mountain of dark wood and red fabric in such a small space. But what to do??? Here is my dream living room (from The Lettered Cottage):

 I want to do this on the far wall. And I want to wrap the rest of the room in board and batten. So you see the problems? I have too much furniture, it's too big, and too much red fabric. And I can't buy all new...
I moved the furniture today just to see where else the piano might fit. Now I have this: bueno.

So I'm stuck with a piano...that I could do this to:

although not turquoise...
(I saved this pic ages ago off another blog, and can't remember where I got it from. If anyone knows what site this came from I'll link to it! argh)
I think I need to get rid of the monster TV armoire. But where to put a TV??
And I could slipcover the red chairs...but I've got a red flowered rug!

I think I want to move in the direction of green/yellow/blue, rather than green/yellow/RED. Or not.  ?!?
If anyone has any advice, I desperately need it!!

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  1. I think pairing down the furniture would really help. Decide what you really use. Maybe consider getting rid of the ottoman, or selling the current chairs on craigslist and investing in a smaller chair. I think the TV armoire is definitely the biggest piece. Maybe consider getting a small one that fits the room and the TV (check Craigslist, there are tons for cheap, that you could potentially paint if you needed to)

    Can't wait to see what you do! Good luck!

  2. Hey Katy! Thanks for the stopping by! Here is the link to the fabric in my kitchen. Glad you liked it!!

    But back to your living room--what if you took out just one of the red chairs and the big ottoman. That might help a little...?? And then add a blue throw over the red chair to tone it down, while adding another color to the palette?

    Angle your couch and rug off the piano wall, and put your green console table behind the sofa...then move your piano under the starburst. And only use one red chair with a blue throw over it?

  3. Thanks on the fabric!!
    I thought about putting the piano in the foyer where the green sideboard is right now...but it is too weird to have a piano in the foyer???
    Yep, I need to get rid of the red chairs I think...

  4. Do the TLC wall on the far wall like you want but make room for a flatscreen in the center (instead of the large framed painting in the inspirations room)?

    Email me for help with that electrical dilemma. The answer is yes but let's keep that on the down low because you need a permit for that kind of work! ;-) (I can't believe it still shows noreply as your email address when you leave a comment/question. shees!)

  5. I agree with sawdust about doing the TLC wall and having a flatscreen in the center. That was what I was going to say LOL. I think you should sell the armiore, change the ottoman's fabric (or relocate/sell it), either slip cover the chairs/couch (or scale back). Paint change would also work. I like the rug and painting but if you are going for that TLC wall look I think you might want to paint a new pic and change out rug. Also paint the piano


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