Sunday, February 27, 2011

My scrap pallet wall has brought me some unexpected attention -- from Apartment Therapy and Poppytalk! I was so surprised by it, but it was nice that people were inspired by my manic lunacy project. The overwhelming feedback is that I should not paint the wall white, but leave it be.

So I am adjusting my vision for the living room. (ha ha, see how I said that as if I know what I'm talking about?) Thing is, I live on a very large lake in the middle of South Carolina. I want to feel like I am on vacation every day, and I want sort of a "rustic lakehouse" decor. This week, anyway.

This is my latest project, but it probably won't be done for a couple more days.

It started as a sweeeet orange-crackle-black-speckled-1979 buffet. (Guessing on the year, there.) Got it on Craiglist, and now it's almost where I want it. Pics in a few!

And I just want to say sincerely thank you!! to everyone who commented and became a "follow friend" this past week. I read every comment and was so tickled that people liked my work. I also want to say that YES, my ex husband is a gigantic fool, and not necessarily because I am awesome (although I am. hee hee)  It's that I have 3 precious kiddos that deserve more than what they got. Hmph.

Carry on, kittens!  ;)
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  1. i can't wait to see the rest of it. :)

  2. umm..poppytalk not cock. you may want to fix that. although it is pretty funny..

  3. umm..poppytalk not cock. you may want to fix that. although it is pretty funny..

  4. whoops, thanks! lol, i did think that it sounded a little funny, couldn't figure out why

  5. Good! I am glad the project got around, it looks amazing & yes, leave it unpainted. Cannot wait to see what is next :)

  6. I was worried it would be too dark too, but I think your room has enough natural light it looks amazing! I love that your dad says "it's better than hanging out in bars!" My husband always says, "Oh God, what did you do today?" I always want to scream and say,
    "who cares it was free...or close to!!" What are you thinking for new paint colors in your kitchen, I am anxiously awaiting to see them.

  7. i got so emotional and teary when i read you 'have 3 precious kiddos that deserve more than what they got'

    so very very true!

  8. That came out stunning, I now have faith to tackle a glory piece from the 70's....there is hope for those suckers yet.

    Oh - BTW, have no idea how you work, raise 3 kids, fix up your house and blog about it, you are AMAZING.

  9. Fabulous...utterly spectacularly freakin' FABULOUS!!!!!!!


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