So You Want a Flatscreen on the Wall? Part 2

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I started this project a few weeks ago, and it has become a thorn in my side. (See Part 1)

At this point in time, I finally have all the cable and electrical stuff wired. However it has NOT been a smooth ride. This is the first time I've done this sort of thing, because I don't care about TVs and cable and this whole flatscreen business is new to me.
But here is where I am now:
That's the bracket for the TV, plus the new cable and electrical I ran for it. I want to put the Wii and DVD player in a piece of furniture on this wall, so they need to plug into the wall behind that...and then run up to the TV. Without any cords showing. This is the only way I could figure to do it, and of course I've already run into a problem. I split the coax cable at the bottom outlet, and the picture from the DVD player is fuzzy now.
I'm working on getting that figured out. sigh.
Here's my drawing of what I did, I detailed moving the coax in the last post. There was a light bulb in the crawlspace I could tap into, to run new outlets.
Here is where I confess to being an idiot....
There is wire to an outlet under there too, and first I tapped into it, and then realized that it was the wire running to the SWITCH on the wall instead! So there was no power and I was pulling my hair out until I realized "Oh yeah, that outlet is switched, DUUUUR"

So then I tapped into the light bulb instead. I had to ask my dad to explain this to me since I'm not an electrical miss fixit, and this is my first foray into wiring. However, I've learned a lot since I began. I've now wired ceiling lights from an existing outlet, and run both coax and power from under the house for new outlets. Each time you attempt something new, you get a little smarter. :)

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  1. I'm impressed with your electrical work! Bravo for giving it a try!
    I also would like to thank you for your visit to my blog and for becoming a new follower.. I so enjoy reading posts by bloggers like you who will try the work herself.. I'm a doer also and so love to re-design, demolish and build.. much to my hubbies laughter...
    Thanks again and I'll be back to visit soon...

  2. Those are some impressive electrical skills you've got going! Awesome! Make sure you rent your favorite movie of all time for the maiden voyage of that new flat screen. You deserve the first showing.


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