Chandelier Fatigue

7:24 PM Katy 4 Comments

I have been spray painting cheap pieces of junk for many many moons. (10 years, to be exact.)

It started with the Maryland house, where I spray painted a cheap brass chandy:

Which was fine. It turned out nice. (This was also back when painting the kitchen red was all the rage. I will never paint another wall red again, as long as I live.)
I also spray painted another old brass chandelier white, and hung that in my daughter's room in the Texas house. It had pink shades and crystal dangly things, but it still looked like exactly what it was: a spray-painted piece of crap.

I've also spray-painted outdated brass/veneer ceiling fans. 

Then I moved here and first thing I did was spray paint this:

And here is where I hit the wall finally, after 10 years. I am sick. to. death. of spray-painted lighting. I am also sick of red and never painting anything red again. Unless it's my lips.

It's gotten to the point where I can't even get excited about other people's chandelier makeovers if it involves spray paint. This is about the only one I've seen in the last year that pleases. 

So I am, as of now, DONE with spray paint and chandeliers. I went and bought this for my kitchen this week:

 And I am not sorry.

I figure I am renovating and re-purposing everything in my living space, and hardly spending any $, so i am going to splurge and buy a light fixture that I don't have to coat with Krylon.


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  1. Hear hear, on the never painting a red wall again. I learned my lesson a couple of years ago. Now, if I could just get around to putting in the crown molding...

  2. Ah the red chandelier! I love the one you ended up with and kudos to you on the "splurge!" :) Saw your feature on Better After today - great job!
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  3. OMG!! MY over-the-breakfast-bar-fixture is almost IDENTICAL to yours!! GREAT taste you have Ms Katy (lol)

  4. What's the matter with red walls? I think they're cool.


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