Sunday, March 13, 2011

When I moved into this house I immediately remodeled the kitchen.

 I did it quickly and with almost no money. I didn't put hardware on the cabinets, and I slapped some color on the walls that turned out to be a mistake...but I needed the extra storage and counter space, so creating a well-thought-out color scheme wasn't a priority.

Now that I've had time to live with these colors, I got tired of them. I only picked the yellow/red accents to go with the furniture I owned. It wasn't really me. I've been dreaming of an all-white vintage look for literally 10 years. Back 8 years ago when brown and "earth tones" were all the rage, I was dying for a little cottage I could paint white.

I felt really constrained by a lack of money, and the dark, strongly colored furniture I already owned. It turns out all I needed was some time to think, and get myself to the point where I could "let go" of my things freely, (without living in terror that I should keep them to sell if we needed food).

(Excuse sink full of dirty dishes) heh.. and I'm debating on window treatments right now..

The blue tape on the front of the counter is holding the tile together while the Gorilla glue sets. I bashed a plate into the tile and broke it.
The top cabinets are still white, but i painted the lower ones Silver Mink by BM. The wall color is now Natural Choice by SW, which I decided to try after seeing it on The Lettered Cottage-- it truly is the perfect cream. I *heart* the blogosphere!!

I stumbled on this Milk Glass hardware!  I had never seen cup pulls done in colored glass. I found milk glass knobs for the cabinet doors on Ebay, but I couldn't resist these pulls..

I'm still only about halfway through this transition, but letting go of my darkest and largest pieces of furniture really opened things up.
Edited to add: here's the latest on the kitchen/living room:

Here we are in 2014 after a massive spring cleaning!!

My daughter was "revamping" all of the toys outside:
This consists of a table, a scooter, a skateboard, some twine, electrical tape, and a travel mug.

This is a simpler creation involving the wagon and a sled:

I have NO IDEA where she gets this insanity from.

Although...I do have vague memories of bolting ten-speed bike tires to a cardboard box in the hope that it would operate like a chariot....
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  1. I love the colors you have chosen for your cabinets and walls,those milk glass pulls are awesome!

  2. Me too! Love the new colors. So pretty. Makes me tired thinking about painting the kitchen cabs twice! You the WOman.

  3. Katy it really is fresh and updated and cabinets are no small task to take on. Can't wait to see all the other changes to make it all come together.

  4. It looks great! You crack me up and so does your daughter! :) My daughter brought me some stuff from school to recycle or make a project out of, I can only imagine what her poor teacher thought about her taking garbage home for her mom! I can't wait to start on my kitchen and I have the first of my pallets for the wall :)


  5. Lovely transformation!!! Great color choices.
    Absolutely ADORE those milk glass pulls! Am going to go check out the website now. Looks like exactly what I want for my "dream" kitchen :) Gracias!

  6. I liked your kitchen before, but I really love it now! The cabinet color + milk glass pulls = <3

  7. First, I love what you did with the kitchen. Secondly, it is great to find someone so close. I actually live in Elgin but only 5min from Sandhills. I grew up in California so I am a southern transplant also. Great to find you here in blogland.

  8. LOVE the color changes! So fresh....and cottagy...(is that a word?)
    Great pulls too! You are seriously a machine to get all that done! Plus work full-time, plus be a mom to those kiddos! Increadible!

  9. I thought I loved it before, too... but I love it now even more! So pretty and much calmer... great job!! Your vision is really starting to come together now. It's fun to watch. :)

  10. Hi, first time here! Have you seen the slipcovers other bloggers have made using drop cloths? Super cheap!

  11. First time here! found it through Queen of the Trailer Park! Love the kitchen, when are you free to discuss the color fiasco in mine??? :), also totally love the carriage idea! I may have to look into that!

  12. Beautifully done. It's serene and welcoming and really gorgeous. And I was glad to see you used Natural Choice - I also saw it on the Lettered Cottage and just got a sample the other day and just couldn't decide. But now I'm going to go for it in our dining room. Fantastic re-do, thanks for sharing!

  13. Love the new cabinet colors! Very calming and fresh!

  14. LOVE THE CABINETS!!! Are they gray or blue? Either way I love them..good job. I painted my cabinets about 6 years ago, and I know how much work it is!

  15. Your kitchen is stunning! I am moving into a new house soon, and the cupboards are EXACTLY like your before picture, and don't like them either. Could you please tell me what treatment you gave them before you painted? Did you sand them or use a stripper or just wash them and go to town? Thank you!

  16. I am loving your kitchen! I would love to have you come and guest post about it if you are interested! Let me know! I will get you all the details!


  17. Love your kitchen! Thanks for stopping by @ the beach.

  18. Love your kitchen redo! It appears that the cabinet doors were flat then in the painted pictures they appear to be beadboard. Did you use a router to create the look of beadboard? I'm thinking of doing this to my kitchen... It's a MUCH worse disaster than your original kitchen. I haven't moved in to that house yet though so it will be down the road. But I enjoy getting ideas from people who have already done it!

  19. Love your kitchen makeover. Can u please tell me about the newel post or table legs on the sides of your sink? What are they, where did u get them and how much do they run? Thanks. Virginia.

  20. I wud luv directions on how u did ur open shelving. I want to do some but don't want the ugly screws showing, thanks!

  21. Love the gray and white kitchen, but how did you prep the cabinets and what type of paint did you use?

  22. I love the cabinet re-do. How did you set the bead-board into the cabinet facings? That is truly stunning!!


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