Thursday, March 3, 2011

I finished my latest makeover, which is part of the larger remodel of my entire first floor. I needed somewhere to store all the movies and junk in the living room, since I got rid of the monster TV armoire last month.

And I saw this on Craigslist:

Ain't she a beauty!?  My brother drove us in his truck to pick it up, and when he saw it he said "wow, that's a quality piece there!" (sarcastic little brother, whatever.)  It is a solid wood piece, although it was pine and the veneer was a mess.

Mama doesn't get home from work early enough to get nice pictures in natural light, so we're working in the dark with a Blackberry, so forgive the pics.  But here's the buffet now:

Okay. This buffet screams at me every time I walk into the room now:


In order to get this thing to stop screaming at me like this, I think I may paint the blue fish cut-outs white. The fish will still be there, but maybe just...quieter?

"pssst! Look! It's still upside down! hahahahahhaaa!"

Le sigh.

I tore off the bottom of this buffet and put bunn feet on it instead.  Then I cut the beadboard fish with a jigsaw and glued it on top of a scrap piece of wood. The hardware is leftover from remodeling my mom's kitchen, and the paint was intended to cover the pallet wall. (But since it's not getting painted now, I've got lots of white paint in stock!) The beadboard was just the scraps from my own kitchen remodel, which is right now getting an overhaul (new paint colors).

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  1. Looks great! I like the upside down fish. The buffet looks fabulous against your pallet wall. You are amazing!

  2. Beadboard and white paint - can't go wrong. Love that you took off the base molding and added feet, it's fresh and alive, pairs well with the pallet wall. Nice job Mom.

  3. Came from Miss Mustard Seed; your buffet is fabulous!

  4. Now the first thing I thought was I would have never put those fish opposite. I love how you think outside the box. Then you go and say you didn't mean to do it. I really like the look. Sometimes things are too matchy matchy. I like the ying and yang of it. Oh and the feet that you added are to die for. Where did you get those?

  5. That is an absolutely STUNNING makeover - what vision you have!

  6. Leave the fish! They look like they belong that way, at least to me. But you have to live with it. = ) Great looking room - you inspire me to play with my house a little more.

  7. I also like the fish the way they are!

  8. What a transformation! Love what you did with it!!

  9. Okay, first of all, those fish look adorable like that- I seriously thought you did it that way on purpose. Secondly, it ought to be screaming at you, "Katy, you rock!". Excellent transformation and as a single mom of two teens who feels completely overwhelmed most of the time, I have to take my hat off to you. If your cabinet doesn't tell you that you rock, then I will. You rock.

  10. Don't change the fish! Otherwise, it will look too matchy. Great job on this makeover!

  11. I love this project! Very cool, and honestly, I like the fish as well :D I look forward to seeing more of your redos! Your amazing and I agree I like the natural look too.

    Mary @

  12. I love your project, and I like the fish headed in opposite directions (think Pisces). Love it sitting in front of your pallet wall. As for the changes in your life over these last few years - they are for the best. There are those that try to control. I believe they do it because they don't feel they measure up. They don't. You are obviously a very intelligent woman (degree in engineering) and creative. How you manage to do it all, work, and take care of and love your three beautiful children. . . well, you are amazing. Believe it. Smile. Know it!

  13. Hi Katy, I check out your blog every now and then, just a quick question, in the before pic the buffet looks like the veneer is bubbling,so I am wondering how you sorted this out, did you completely remove it? I have an old desk that has the same sort of bubbling and wanted to know how to sort it out. Thaks Sam

  14. FABULOUS! Are you kidding me? I have an equal number of children, also work full-time, but am not trying to do that all myself. And I can't do half of what you do. I want to be you when I grow up.

  15. You kick some serious arse! Keep it up, you are a breath of fresh air :D

  16. I like the fish going in opposite directions, I thought it was intentional! :) Fantastic job on the makeover! I know what it is like to see the potential in something like that when no one else does...


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