A Golf Cart and Some Ducklings

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My daughter is recovering from her broken elbow, I've finally calmed down from my intense rage toward my ex (probably because I document all of his behavior with my children in case I need it some day, and it's a cathartic exercise), and I am just SO EXHAUSTED.

I have ten projects around the house that are in the early stages of completion, and I just totally stalled. I am going through a couple of weeks of "I don't care about anything, pass the margaritas, life sucks, let's blow all the tax return money and screw these doctor bills" sort of mood. Not that I won't pay the Dr. bills -- I'm pretty good about that.

But the rest of my responsible persona took a vacation. First I bought this:
Every kid on the street is in love. I found this on Craigslist, Harley painted cart with a two-stroke engine --it was a sweet deal and I think nobody had snapped it up because it was listed under "motorcycles and scooters" instead of "recreational vehicles". let that be a lesson to you: always search the entire For Sale category on craigslist with your search terms. And here is where I completely forget that I have a mountain of slipcovers to sew and a closet to finish building -- ooh look! a golf cart with flames! Let's go for a ride!

On the way home from picking up the golf cart with my brother (and his trailer), we stopped at a gas station. They were selling baby ducks in the gas station! I love the South so much -- you just can't have this kind of fun anywhere else. So we threw 4 ducks in a box and took them home.

They have a heat lamp and some food, and they poop A LOT. They are too much fun in the bathtub! I am hoping we can release them at my folks' house at the lake...there are already lots of ducks in the lake, what's 4 more right?

I never did the 4-H thing, so I've been googling how to take care of these suckers. I think I love them more than my kids do, they are just so freaking cute! 

As I slowly come out of my manic spree and take a gander at the damage to my savings account, I may regret this...

NAH!  :)

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  1. One word of advice: Keep them in a special area in your yard as they grow. They are VERY messy. Your yard will look like a duck poo slime pool and they like to kick it up against your house. They HAVE to have some sort of pond (kiddie swim pool works). They are fun but they are very, very messy. Oh, and they'll eat all your grass too!!

  2. You can take them on a walk as "momma duck" in the Harley-cart, how cute would that be?!

  3. Baby ducks, three kids, and a flame throwing golf cart...sounds like a GREAT weekend to me!!

  4. I'm glad your daughter is doing ok. I used to have pet ducks, they were so much fun. they loved to eat watermelon so we would give them the rinds and they would even eat the green part. they also enjoyed playing with running water from a hose. they were so cute and i miss having them.

  5. I don't know what I like better, the ducks or the golf cart! Maybe a duck driving the cart would be awesome.

  6. HEY Katy, just wanted to say I'm missing your entertaining posts, and wondering how you and your wee daughter are doing. Keep the faith young'un!!

  7. PS...how are the duckie babes???


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