Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Took me the whole holiday weekend, when I wasn't taking kiddies to the pool of course.

I have two identical armchairs in my living room. This fabric is something I never would have chosen, the red is overpowering because it's got gold thread in it, and reads bright orange in some light...
 I do, however, like the lines of this chair. Plus it's Pottery barn and I can't build myself an armchair to replace it. (ha)
I've slipcovered furniture before, but not with dropcloth. This seems to be all the rage right now, and I saw Miss Mustard Seed's video series on using dropcloth and thought it was awesome. Mainly because you can tear it into strips for welting without using scissors! Such a time saver! And no matching patterns!

Then I saw this thing called "french welt" on Shelley's site, and thought --- woot! No need to mess with the cord for the welting: just rip the cloth into strips, fold it in half and press it, and away you go. So now I'm a fan of both dropcloth slipcovers AND french welting.  As a result this project only took me 3 days instead of a year. (Note: this is my first attempt and I'm a lazy sewer, so the welting is a little wonky in spots.)

Finally put down a different rug that I had in storage. This picture shows all the projects of the last 5 months in one shot: new pot lights in the ceiling, new cable and electrical for the TV, pallet wall, rebuilt ottoman, and the crazy 70's buffet that was reborn with beadboard and fish cut-outs. Everything was under $100 or close to free, so I'm linking to this party.
Beyond The Picket Fence
And of course Miss Mustard Seed :)
My only concern with this scenerio is the staining. My kids are going to mess this up pretty bad, and I don't know if I want to wash my furniture slipcovers EVERY. WEEKEND. So I'm destined to have dingy looking fabric...I want to slipcover the other chair to match, and the sofa too...but I'm nervous. We'll see how this goes.

Mudroom makeover is next. sigh.
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  1. Amazing and inspiring! making a slip cover seems like such an undertaking! Can't believe it took you only 3 days.

  2. Stop - this is fabulous!!!!! I need to get my rear in gear and bust out some slipcovers. I love me some dropcloths, but this is fabulous!

  3. This is terrific! I saw her video series too, and have been needing a slipcover for our couch.
    Looks great!

  4. I am a lazy sewer too, but I want to try this! Especially with that french welt (never heard of it, but I love it)...Thanks for sharing and I will be following you!
    :) Debbie

  5. You did a great job, love the french welting. Your room looks fabulous too.

  6. I love it...it turned out great with the french welt. I especially like the 2-2.5" french welt on the very bottom of the chair. Looks great and super comfy!

  7. Your slipcover turned out amazing! You could try spraying it with Scotchguard to help against staining and perhaps you will only have to wash it every month instead of weekly. =-)

  8. good job!!! i'm super intimidated of trying this, but yours looks great.


  9. I've read through every post and what you have accomplished is just amazing. What a terrific example you are for your kids!!!

  10. How hard do you think it would be to dye drop cloth? I'm having a seriously hard time finding cushions and covers for the furniture on the deck. I'm not paying $50 for one cushion when I need at least 4 and the entire set was less than $200 in the first place.

  11. My mom made me slipcovers out of drop cloths 9 years ago ... with two little kids, 1 big dog and a cat ... they got washed sometimes weekly ... they still look great ... and not at all dingy. Skip the scotch guard ... it's all chemically stuff you don't want on you or the kids. Enjoy! Nice job!

  12. Looks great, Katy! I have French welting on a linen chair I had recovered last year. Must be all the rage...who knew?

  13. Beautiful job on your chair! I really want to do that. Guess I'll look at the video you mentioned. I started to make slipcovers for the two wingchairs I have in our living room, but I got to frustrated...I gave up. Folded up the beautiful off white fabric and put away. Then I ordered two covers from SureFit. They are off white and serves my purpose for now. All I have to do is learn how to tuck it in!!

  14. WOW you are an amazingly talented woman! I like the drop-cloth idea, I'm a painter (not pro, but pro results!)& I considered doing this with used drop-cloths, but I'm still not sure how it would look... If you are concerned about staining, I use Woolite Oxydeep on my white chairs & carpet(white carpet!never again!)and it is miraculous!

  15. You go girl! This all looks awesome. Love it ALL!

  16. I agree...looks great! What kind of sewing machine do you use. How did you know how many dropcloths did you use.


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