Summer is Here!

11:19 AM Katy 9 Comments

I made it through another school year!! Seriously y'all -- HALLELUJAH.

I've got a newly minted 3rd grader, 1st grader, and (hopefully) the youngest will be in the 4-year old program at the school. We'll see. Another year and they will all be in school full-time, and I can stop freaking out about childcare on quite the same scale that I have this past year. I don't know how I will be able to stand a lower stress level -- I was thinking about going on antidepressants but maybe I won't need them after all. heh.

Now that summer is here and it's 90 degrees and sweltering humidity has descended... I've lost all motivation to work on the house. When it's this hot I don't want to work on projects indoors, I want to be outside racing my Harley golf cart around the woods with my kids, eating lots of ice cream, going to the pool, and NOT working on my yard. We're raising those ducklings from the gas station, going to the beach, and getting pins removed from our broken elbow.

I've taken a break from blogging and carpentry and painting. My kids have to go back to their dad's house for two weeks in June, however, and I've promised myself that I will makeover the mudroom (and finish building that closet) while they are gone. So I will post the mudroom pictures next week, not that too many people notice when I'm missing ;)

I am very scared about my kids' safety when they are visiting their dad, since they are very young and he has "parenting issues". We JUST got the cast off from their last visit, and now I have to send them again. So any prayers would be appreciated.

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  1. I notice and miss you when you aren't around :-) I will keep your precious ones (they are adorable in the picture) in my prayers. and you too. I wish this was all easier for you. miss ya.

  2. Katy we're in the same boat. One more school year and all kids are in full day!!!! Let the projects begin. I'm saying a little prayer for them while at Dad's in June, sorry you have to worry about their safety like that.

  3. I hate to admit to being a blog stalker but I am! :) I have so missed your posts and have worried about where you went. I'm so glad to know you haven't left us for good and look forward to seeing your newest projects - in progress and complete.

    In the meantime, I will pray for your kids and for the time they are away from you. I too am a mom and know the love and worry that comes with it.

    God Bless!

  4. Oh, I always miss you when you're away! Have you figured out what kind of ducks those are yet? They're looking almost black! What color are their legs/feet?

  5. Hey Nikki! 3 of them turned out to be "Cayuga" ducks -- black feet and bills, supposedly they are going to be black with a fluorescent green shine...
    the last one turned out to be a mallard! She is the wildest one, definitely meant to be free. :)

  6. What is his deal anyhow! I would love to hear this who,e story sometime....

  7. Well, clearly people DO miss you! I'm so happy to "see" you again! I sure know what you mean about child care costs! My daughter's family includes four sons, and I'm taking three of them for the whole summer, just so they can get a little break, from child care AND its expense! I'll definitely remember your little ones in my God-blesses. I wish you didn't need them. Siiigh...

  8. You know I had to look up Cayuga right? They're so pretty! Are you guys going to keep them or find them homes?

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