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I follow a lot of bloggers who do the same type of work that I do --remodeling, renovating, building, painting, etc.

I followed one woman in particular who had a lovely site. Her home was so cute, her style was something I adored, and most of all, she was unique. She remodeled her house with her own two hands using what she had on hand. She didn't rely on a contractor or her husband to do it for her, and she wasn't blogging about her shopping trips or buying everything for each project.

There are only a handful of women I've run across in the blogosphere like her, so of course I was all over that. (Not that I don't love other blogs that have a different focus, of course, but in particular I enjoy resourcefulness.)

She deleted her blog and quit because her hard work wasn't appreciated, she didn't have tons of followers and commenters (ahem! now I feel inadequate! lol), and she was angry.

If the sole point of blogging is to be "popular", and make money off your ads -- then I guess there's no point.

I'm kinda bummed because all of her lovely work just went *poof* and I can't ogle it anymore.

I'm also bummed to discover that blogging is a big contest and I didn't know I was losing. 

In other news: I'm just about finished with the mudroom makeover. Rejoicing, I am.  :)

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  1. If I blogged solely for the attention and the money, I'd have quit a long time ago. I blog because I like it and I've met a lot of friends this way. And I get cool ideas from smart people like you.

    Some people just love attention...

  2. Mom and her drill,
    I read your blog. Please don't stopo writing. I have not made a comment until now. I find inspiration in what you do although I cannot seem to find the time to do it but I am thinking on building the tree house following yours!

  3. i agree with "finding words". i found your blog from "better after"-i think it was your awesome fish buffet redo, and i've been peeking in every now and then to watch your progress, but i'm a lazy blogger and commenter and didn't say hi : (

    i love your work and really appreciate that your projects are so thrifty. your pallet wall inspired some coats hooks that i put up this winter.

    and i know this sounds weird, but i've prayed for you a couple times because you're ex sounds like such a *********.

    keep up the good work and cheers to you.


    i decided not to be so dang lazy and went and found the post your wall helped inspire.

  5. I swear i didn't post this for attention! lol, I'm not going anywhere, I was just super bummed that another blogger deleted a cool blog over popularity.

    thanks guys -- I'm going to check out that link now!

  6. I suppose some people blog for all kinds of reasons. I do it for the opportunity to share and to be inspired and find new ways to decorate my home on a practically nothing budget. I love to find blogs that feel the same way. I don't think mine will ever be one of the mega blogs, and that's not my focus. I do enjoy the many friendships that I've made also. I enjoy your blog even if I don't always have time to comment. Keep up the good work. Hugs, Marty

  7. It's a shame that the blogger stopped her blog. I know many ppl just lurk instead of following - or even have more than their allowed amt of blogs they follow. It amazed that ppl want to follow me! I started the blog for my children/family/friends who were scattered all over. Sometime we can't talk as frequently as we like but they can see what is going on. I also wanted to have journal of sorts. Thanks for posting and I may not comment frequently but I do read

  8. About twice a year I feel really unappreciated....even though I do absolutely nothing to get readers for my blog, don't really care (really, I don't) and mainly just blog for me, myself and I.

    But...occasionally I will wonder why somebody who used to comment all the time obviously doesn't read my blog anymore. And there's one blogger in particular that comments on of another blogger who I know for a fact is a big fat fake...and she doesn't "talk" to me anymore, so once in awhile things like that kind of bum me out. Which is totally weird, but now and then I just kind of get sick of it and feel like quitting.

    But I always say that if I'd wanted to have a popular blog, I should've named it something totally different (like Abnormally Southern Preppy Pink and Green Seersucker Madras Monogrammed Normal) ;-}

  9. I think some of us just feel the need to share. I admit I feel gratified when I know people read my ramblings. If it helps, I love to see what you've done to make a beautiful home for you and your kids and it helps me feel I can pick up the hammer,too. Don't take down your blog, I'd have to find someone else to lurk and blog stalk!

    Maybe we need to form a group sort of like Blog Her but for those with a small following. :)
    Cathy of

  10. Sure glad you aren't going anywhere. I shared your blog with a friend of mine (single dad with five, count 'em 5 kids) and he fell in love with your pallet wall. He always asks what else that "drill mom" has come up with that he can use to fix up his own house. So your blog is appreciated by people who don't even read it. How is that for popularity?

  11. Katherine!! That guy sounds like the sort who should have his OWN blog! lol He would probably have a million female followers who are stunned to see a man raise 5 children on his own -- I know I would probably stalk him in slack-jawed amazement! :P

    And that's such a sweet thing to hear, I noticed that the only "male websites" that have linked me have been over that pallet wall. Something about it is very attractive to guys. I have no idea why HA!

  12. That really sucks about your bloggy friend quitting. We've all been there, I'm sure. It bums me out that some blogs that started when mine did have thousands of followers, and I can't even break 200.

    I just have to stop and think: I didn't care about thw numbers when I started my blog, so why should I now? Its a hard thing to remember...

    Loving your blog, though! I'm still pretty new here, but you have some really inspiring ideas/posts. Keep up the good work. ;)

  13. I...for one...will ALWAYS visit your blog...because I LOVE your resourcefulness, and because I so VERY much admire your commitment to your kidlets a single Mum...been-there-done-that...and I respect you!!

  14. Thanks for posting about this issue (I have been lurking for a while, admiring all of your work! I love it, it's so inspiring!)!

    I felt the pressure at one point to do everything I could to make my blog a 'success' - to the detriment of my sleep life AND awake life! I spent all my time on the computer, I neglected my husband and my new baby. Something had to give, and I had to quit blogging for my family's sake.

    In retrospect, the last part of my blogging 'career' ended up just being about numbers and popularity and trying to monetize, etc., etc. I got sucked into the whole 'Mommy Blogger' scene and I personally couldn't balance out my love to just write and share vs. a need to 'keep up with the Jones'. Shameful really, but a valuable lesson.

    I literally just started blogging again, but this time for my own pleasure. I hope never ever EVER to go down that road again, and I'm glad to read that other people out there are all about the writing and the sharing vs. 'the numbers' as well. :-)

  15. I'm losing too! Let's lose together! Really, I went into blogging for myself first, others second. Yup, it's a blast to get a comment from someone I don't already know, but that's not the motivation.

    Please keep posting!

  16. Good point, girl... Makes me feel like I should blog more! :)

  17. Lol ... EVERYTHING is a contest ... and I'm losing it all, and don't care! I love to blog because my "real life" peeps just don't get my decorating bug. I need to share with like minded people, and I love to see what others are up to. I've just found your blog and still going thru it, and I love it:)

    Suzy xxx

  18. I just found your blog from a link on Adventures in Creating and I've spent the morning going back through some of your older posts. Found this one and felt motivated to leave a comment.

    I agree with the last comment. I live in a small area... I have a small core of good friends, and not many acquaintances. My "friends" list would be considered pitiful to most, and my list of followers are for the most part family! I love to decorate, make things, renovate and my home is the best place on earth! Although I love my 2 BFFs, they are not groovin' to my tune in this area!

    It took everything I had to buy my ex out of this house, and I've spent the last 7 years changing every room in it to MY style! Good bye Lazy Boy (the recliner and the man in it!!)

    I blog in hopes of meeting like-minded women and making new friends in the process. I follow blogs that are written by real people, with real lives. Can't get behind all the "pretty, only on the surface stuff".

    Love what I've read so far and would say I totally get where you're coming from. Hope you'll keep posting!

    Thanks for the inspiration!



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