Building a Closet out of Trash

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This is my "mudroom":
 It's a little spot between the garage and the rest of the main floor. It has this odd little alcove:
 That really needs to be a closet. Most of the time this area is completely covered in shoes and other junk. I wanted to build a closet but without buying lots of materials. I still had leftover slats from the trash pallets I used on the living room wall:

 And some other leftover bits from the board and batten I tried in the powder room:

 Here's a leftover bit of crown molding from when I doctored my kitchen cabinets:
 I did have to buy one bundle of 1X4's in order to frame out the rest of the closet, but I bought the cheap pine boards with knots. I am skim coating the entire thing with spackle before painting, so the knots will hopefully not be noticeable...

 Then I needed doors! My brother took some old bi-fold doors off a closet in his house and had them in his truck to take to the dump. I snatched them out of the truck and took them apart. I HATE bi-fold doors because they function so poorly, but they can be used another way.
 Only one side of these was badly painted. I took off the hinges and hardware, cut them down to the size I needed, and sanded some of the paint.

I'm getting close to being finished. Trying to decide if I have enough leftover beadboard to do the mudroom..

I'd like to have this finished this weekend, and I'll try to tally how much I spent.

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  1. It looks great so far! You're just amazing. :) Wish I had your skills.

  2. can't wait to see the finished product! Inspiring, you are.


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