Building a Ship's Cannon

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It's that time of year again.

Free babysitting for a whole week.......... Vacation Bible School!

(You know you love it)

Our church's theme this year is "The High Seas". It's going to be a wild ocean-faring adventure, complete with undersea animals, the sanctuary transformed into the hull of a ship, and there's a huge lighthouse being built in the reception hall. I was asked to build the cannon for the ship.
Something like this.

I immediately began scrounging around in the dumpster at my factory. I work for a manufacturer that does fiberglass filament winding.  They make tubes for utility applications:
Sort of like this. I found a 5-ft section in the dumpster and got permission to take it home. It's going to be the cannon.
Then of course I took some more scrap pallets out of the trash. I'm using them to build the base:
I cut these apart with my Sawzall.

I have to finish building it this weekend, and then we have to paint it and make it look good. There's a smoke machine that goes inside, and there will be sound effects. I am tempted to get some sparklers from the firecracker salesman across the street to add a "fuse".

We'll see. :)

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  1. Dang- that is a well funded VBS- all we had were books with records in the back and popsicle stick/elmers glue projects!

  2. lol, I don't know if it's terribly well-funded, but there are a lot of "handy" people in the church who like to donate.. :)


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