Maybe I Need a Legal Disclaimer....

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A couple of incidents with my friends recently caused me to think.

If you've never tackled plumbing, electrical, or other home improvements that require more than a paintbrush, you should always ask an expert before you attempt something on your own.

I am not an expert. I've plumbed, wired, and sawed my way through a couple of houses, but I'm not a licensed contractor.

When I encourage other women to tackle a project, I hope that they will do some homework.
I also don't want anybody's husband to come after me, because his wife tore out the bathroom vanity while he was at work and the valve wasn't turned off, so water was shooting onto the ceiling and the plumber had to be called.

Just sayin'.

Also, because I've had several people ask me if they could rip walls out of their house, let me state here: I don't give advice on removing walls. If you tear out a load-bearing wall and your second floor begins caving in on your head, that's not going to be my responsibility. I may post pictures of remodels where I did that, but that ain't a tutorial, chicklets. :P

I forget that other people have husbands, so please don't rip into your house if it will cause you marital strife!

(And while we're at it, don't tell your hubby where I live. Or that I encouraged you. ok?)

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  1. And those of us who DON'T have husbands should know to contact a license professional before removing walls and tackling complicated plumbing jobs.

    I can't believe you have to tell people that, but then, I can't believe they have to print "do not use while sleeping" on curling irons.


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