Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My teeny tiny mudroom got a makeover this week, after almost two years of this:
Okay, that picture is a lie. Here's what it really looks like 24/7:
And worse. There's a mountain of shoes for 4 people, and only 4 hooks for everyone's coats and backpacks. I have a hall coat closet but that's already packed with Mommy's stuff.

This took me a week of work, every day after I got home from that *other* job, until almost 1 am. I am totally exhausted. My last post detailed how I built the closet with leftover scrap pallet wood and some bi-fold closet doors my brother was taking to the dump.

I was going to use my leftover beadboard on the walls in here, but I didn't have enough. So I used my leftover scraps of 1X4 boards for the hooks and just painted all white.
I bought hooks and an extra set of hinges at Lowe's.

The handles and knobs were leftover from my mom's kitchen reno, so I didn't have 4 matching. But I like the way it looks.
I'm too lazy to make a stencil and I don't want to buy one. So i just picked out a font that I liked and copied it freehand on the wall in pencil, and then painted it. It looks a little wonky in all the pictures because of the angle. It wraps around the corner and I couldn't get an accurate picture of it!
It looks all neat and organized right now because I haven't actually put anyone's stuff away yet. This is so I can remember how neat it was *supposed* to look.  In a week the closet will be packed like this:

Total cost:

Hooks, hinges, drywall spackle: around $30
1 bundle of 1X4 exterior pine boards: $7
Everything else I had laying around or I pulled out of a dumpster. :)

I'll link to some parties this week after I get some sleep. ZZZZzzzzzzz
Penny Pinching Party
Remodelaholic's Anonymous
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  1. This looks incredible! I applaud your hard work and I especially love your last post about reasons for blogging. I'm in the do it cause I love it category! THanks for the inspiration!

  2. Looks awesome!

  3. So creative! So cheap! My favorite combination.

  4. Woman you are amazing. You are my hero right now!

  5. I love the, "Be Nice To Mom!" It's great:) I'm a new follower!

  6. Aaawww, I can only IMAGINE how tired you must be!! This is a WONDERFUL closet though!! Sure wish I lived closer for personalized tutorials!!

  7. very nice and clever use of leftover wood! love the stencil too. you go girl.

  8. Great job! Love the message you ut in there!

  9. I am impressed! Great use of space, great upcycling and A+ for aesthetic appeal. Wonderful job and I just love the handwritten inscription. Looks like it was painted with love :) Diane @ home sweet homemade

  10. Katy! This is your cousin Annie. I just found your blog after tooling around on my mom's facebook acct! Adding you to my Google Reader right now! You are absolutely amazing - I cannot get over your talent. And the kids!! It has been too long. Miss you all very much - we have to get down to SC. Your mom and dad were THE life of the party at our wedding :) Lots of love and talk to you soon! xoxo Annie


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