Bootleg Vodka and the End of the World

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I don't know if anyone else is as nervous as I am, but I get the feeling that the United States is soon to go the way of Greece. Our economy is already in the toilet and we're facing a monster of a government that wants to continue borrowing trillions of dollars to feed our spending.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that self-sufficiency is the only way to survive when civilization collapses.

I've come up with a plan in the event that money becomes worthless, or we're all out of a job (instead of just 20% of us). It includes learning some new skills that are not currently in my repertoire. But they will be soon!

#1. I'm growing potatoes in old tires. I have a local tire shop that lets people raid their scrap pile. I've never gardened before and my thumb is definitely more black than green, but you have to start somewhere. Potatoes are the easiest and most plentiful to grow, and they'll get you through a famine.
                                                                    from Hip Chick Digs

#2. I'm going to build a still and start making potato vodka and other spirits. This is where the engineering side of me gets very excited. I'm gonna build something like this:

It turns out that distilling liquor is an engineering process that I am familiar with. Reading the manuals for distilling is similar to reading one of my old thermodynamics or heat transfer textbooks -- what a great way to review for my engineering exam next year! ha

Now I realize that distilling liquor without a license is against the law. But if we're in an economic collapse I won't hardly care.

#3. If things get really really bad and I need to dig a well for water, looky here! Thank you God for the internet!

Even though my grandparents lived through the Great Depression, I never really thought much about how I would survive in similar circumstances. Lately I've been thinking about it, and I'm a little surprised at the ideas that came to me (which I won't publicize here muhahahaha).

Turns out I have the heart of a gangster after all. ;)

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  1. Ugh, I'm totally freaked out about all that stuff. Especially because I watched that movie "The Road" - which is more Apocalypse than goverment shutdown - but still depressing. People are gonna go crazy... Maybe I'll follow your lead and grow vegetables from tires too. But I'll have to hide them so the neighbors don't jump the fence and steal my food! ;-)

  2. I wanna know your ideas! I will share some with you :-)

  3. ha Jen! We can trade our nefarious survival techniques and gardening tips. LOL (You're ahead of me in the gardening department)

  4. Ha... I was just telling my SO the other day I'm going to build my own cider press and make my own hard cider. Not that we have lots of apple trees in my area or anything but hey, I can fix that.

    LOVE the tire/potato idea--now I have a use for aforementioned SO's tires that are all over the place. He's too "frugal" to pay the disposal fee when they're changed...

  5. Don't thank God for the internet, thank the big bad government. The government everyone seems to hate created the Internet through research universities and the military. The problem is Republicans. They are destroying the country.

  6. Potatoes are actually a very poor choice for distilled spirits, the Russkies used them because that is all they had.

  7. I know Moe! But I figure in the event of the apocalypse, potatoes will be all I have. I want to try it with sugar or something too


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