Sunday, July 10, 2011

VBS is setting sail tomorrow morning! I know my nanny is super excited to drop the kids off at church for 3 hours a day this week. :)

Here's some of the pics of how I built it. I used a large fiberglass tube (part of a light pole), a couple of scrap pallets, and some odds and ends.

 I cut two pallets apart and then filled in the gaps with extra slats I had (from other pallets previously dissected).
 The attached the two frames together with more scrap wood. This bottom section had to hold the smoke machine. Once the frame was built I stained it with dark stain mixed with mineral spirits. The stain has to be like water, because the pallets are so rough.

 Here it is in the church, finished. The wheels were just some styrafoam circles from Micheal's (which were ridiculously overpriced). I had to smear drywall mud all over the circles to get them paintable, and then my dad saved them with brown spray paint after my initial paint job went poorly. The little handles on the side? Those are $1 plastic embroidery hoops from Micheal's as well. A little black pray paint and they look perfect!

 The lightpole was turned into a cannon with rubber weather stripping. I asked my dad to glue it on with Gorilla glue, and we glued a plastic salad bowl from the dollar store to the back end. (Wrapping with rope so it transitioned better.) Then it got a coat of flat black spray paint. A hole was drilled through the salad bowl for the smoke machine tubing...

And here it is taking a test run:
 Now there was supposed to be a loud "BOOM" to accompany the smoke, but this was a test run. The audio wasn't working so well. :)

Now the fun is over for a bit...I have a work trip to Philly coming up and I am going to be sewing slipcovers FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. At least it feels like it lately. I am ready for this living room to be done.
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  1. It looks awesome! So creative.

  2. Cool... you have such an imagination!

    Great job.


  3. I just wanted to leave you a note to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I know how nice it is to get feedback so you feel like someone cares :) I get so excited when you have a new post and I just wanted to share!


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