The Stiletto Chair

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I came home one day to find this craziness in my garage:

 Whaaaa?  Turns out one of my favorite single mom friends needed a repair. She has three teenage daughters (!), and a little house that she's constantly re-inventing for the sake of these curly-haired princesses.  (One year she took her tax return and converted her 1 car garage into a girly apartment for the oldest!) The twins are 13 now, so they recently got a bedroom makeover complete with a set of these stiletto chairs...

So naturally, one of the chairs already got broken. The heel needed to be fixed.  I took off the fabric to reveal the frame had snapped in two.

And the whole heel was attached to the rest of the chair with just these two bolts. They needed to be tightened up...

 I fixed the frame with wood glue & staples, and clamped it for a good 24 hours.

Good as new!  But it certainly isn't sturdy enough to be used for wrestling (what are those girls doing in there?)

Coming up: the ship's cannon for VBS is finished, and I'm starting the last of the slipcovers. The living room is finally taking shape.

The summer is flying, kittens. Flying, I say!

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  1. This just goes to show that ALL heels break! I bet she was glad you came to the rescue. I'd love to see your friend's converted garage. JenT

  2. For just a quick second, after initially seeing the picture, I thought to myself, "Oh. She's going in a totally different direction with her decoratin!" ;-) LOL! This is certainly a unique piece and fits right in with teens! I hope they enjoy it for a long time after the repairs you do to it!

    Hope you're having a great Friday!

  3. Hmmm...I'm pretty sure I saw one of these on HGTV about a year ago.


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