Kitchen Reno for Free

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It's Mission Impossible time! here's some music to get you in the mood:

My last post was leading up to something. My friend Debra has 3 teen girls, and she's done a great job raising them all by herself. She is a great mom. I really look up to her because we are living the same life (I'm just 10 years behind her)!

 But there's something terribly depressing to me about her kitchen:
Now granted, it's not like we've got time to cook. We don't need a chef's kitchen with restaurant appliances. Single moms work a lot and we depend on the kids to feed themselves much of the time, so what we need in a kitchen is simple, (besides the appliance/maintenance issues that really pile up): 

We need it to not be so depressing.
(probably Better Homes and Gardens.)

We need to be able to walk in here in the morning and have our coffee and totally forget about the giant piles of laundry in the other room. And the bills.

 (In fact we should just keep the bills in another spot, so as to maximize the non-depressive atmosphere)

Deb has a little walk-in pantry that I can picture with a door like this:

Because she likes blue and has a blue sofa in the adjoining living room, we're going with blue and white (with punches of red possibly)
     country living

I scored a free plate rack like this one:
(So it will be built into the wall beside that window in the first pic)
And for Pete's sake -- it should be happy & colorful! This is a house full o' women and it should reflect that.

 Better Homes and Gardens
And a banquette under the window -- this is the perfect kitchen for that.

 If only we could get those kids to scrub the kitchen floor of their own volition. Now there's a dream.

So here is our mission, should we choose to accept it:

We've got to makeover this kitchen with no money. And I don't mean "oh just $500 and some new appliances" -- I mean no money, except for possibly some paint if we can't find all of it for free.

I'll be busy for a while just scavenging for the raw materials, but we're soooo going to make this happen. Also: regarding those HGTV shows that were popular for a while, where the hostess swings into town and redecorates a room in someone's house using just what the homeowner has lying you remember that show? I can't remember what it was called. Anyway -- I hated it. And you know why? Because there was always a ridiculous 2-day time limit, and they weren't allowed to go dumpster-diving and look for more materials.

I thought the makeovers were always pretty crappy.  

This is going to be awesome.

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  1. Oh man, I can't wait to see what you're going to do! What a lucky friend.

  2. What a great friend you are! I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

    Kim @

  3. You go, McGuyver! I'll be checking my Reader daily for updates (no pressure!).


  4. Siiiigh..wish you lived closer to Nova Scotia...or that I could reside in your BRAIN...just long enough to re-do MY kitchen like YOURS! (lol) OMG...I sound like a freakin' GROUPIE! (lol) You GO lady...I'll be back to check your awesome-ness...


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