Saturday, August 13, 2011

I have this bedside table from my parents. They bought it as part of their bedroom set in 1980. It looks like a 1980 knotty pine table, doesn't it?

I rebuilt this, using ONLY the material already present. No new parts, nothing that I bought or had lying around. Here it is getting ready for some poly and a new home in the living room:

And here's another terrible picture in bad lighting:

First I took off all the trim work, by inspecting the piece and taking out all the screws that hold the trim on the top and bottom:

Luckily all of the top and bottom pieces were attached with screws and not wood glue. So they were re-usable!

Using the trim pieces I took off, I cut new legs for the back. I discarded the weird bubble doors, and then using a small table saw I trimmed the top and bottom edges of everything so that it was more square and less round.

After this it was just some leftover paint. This cost me nothing, but it did require some tools. I used my nail gun, table and miter saws, and wood glue.

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  1. If I entertain your kids all weekend will you come to my house and help my husband renovate the bonus room?

  2. Awesome Re-Build! Love that you didn't use anything but the old piece and some paint Very resourceful.

  3. Wow..! That's great..!! I wish u were closer.. I have so many things that I'm thinkin of getting rid of.. ya know after the Divorce and everything, but now u r making me wonder if I can in some way use it for someting else and change the appareance..!! Well, I know soon I'll be in the East Coast and we can probably spend summer between Camping, remodeling and Screaming at 5 kids.. ha ha ha!! ((hugs))

  4. I'm guessing it's that engineer's eye that can see beyond the obvious. Kinda like wood carvers can look at a piece of wood and "see" what it can become :)
    Wonderful re-build! Totally impressed that you used only what was there.

  5. Your up-do looks NOTHING at ALL like the original. FABULOUS!!

  6. Smarty pants! That looks so wonderful!! Great job! Found you via Beyond the Picket Fence and have become your newest follower. Pop on over for a visit when you get a moment. Tootles, Kathryn

  7. WOW! What a transformation. Oh you give me hope that I can do this myself one day!!!! Really, WOW. I'm bookmarking so I can remember this!!

    I love transformations! I just turned my secretary into a bar area in my dining room. I really hope you'll stop by and check it out:

    See you soon, I hope!

  8. You did such a wonderful job! Loving the color.

  9. Shut the front door! You are a freakin' furniture transforming genius.

    Suzy xxx


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