What's Your Sweet Spot?

8:25 AM Katy 7 Comments

 I was in high school when the movie Apollo 13 came out. I remember this scene vividly:

You know when you're a kid and you see something that makes the inside of you hum "YES YES THAT'S ME I CAN DO THAT" ?  That scene was it for me. I wanted to be MacGyver. Unfortunately they don't offer that as a major in school.

In my day job when I design something, I can draw up a new part and have the steel man make it. But that's not nearly as exciting as trying to create something using only what I have on hand. This is why I blog. (The CIA isn't going to come looking for me, and engineering turned out to be a little less exciting than I'd hoped. ha ha)

Anyway, I was reading through my blog feed recently, and I was marveling at all the things those girls do! There's Kelly the Monopoly Queen, Sandra the female Ty Pennington, Jaime (some cross between Ty and Martha Stewart), Teresa the Anne Geddes of Montana... and oh look!  Amy the Salvage Ethan Allen!... it's awesome. And then I realized
I am MacGyver, dangit.
(if he had an orphanage and a gigantic earring collection)

So what's your Sweet Spot

I bet there's someone you know who really needs your talent. Just this week I tried to cook a turkey for my daughter because she really wanted to have Thanksgiving rightnowtoday, and I'm a terrible cook. My mom had to rescue the bird for me. I turned to my mom with my half-baked turkey and said "I ****ing hate cooking".  It always makes me feel about 1 inch high.

So help somebody out with your awesomeness, for the love of cake!

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  1. Katy awesome post, you had me laughing off my chair. Sandra is definitely the female Ty and I LOVE being labeled as a cross between Ty and Martha, Ty is HOT stuff and Martha is creative and tidy to the core (although I give all the credit to her peeps). Speaking of helping someone I'm in the middle of a big build (locker cubbies for entry) for a friend so I'm taking action on your great advice.

  2. whoa. back up. thanksgiving in AUGUST?! mashed potatos and pumpkin pie and casserole right now?!

    SIGN. ME. UP.

    brilliant, that kid.

  3. Yeah, we celebrate holidays whenever we feel like it around here. Is that weird? :)

  4. This was awesome! I've never been compared to Ty before...I'll have to think about that. :-D Yeah--Yeah I kind of see it. My hair does stick out all crazy like after I've been working all day! Heehehee That's quite a compliment - I thank you.

    I did just do a little carpentry workshop with a friend today. It's weird how you and Jaime and I all are on the same wave length and we didn't even know it. WEIRD I tell ya!

    Weird and so cool!
    :-D Sandra

  5. Okay, actually DID laugh out loud at your post today Ms Katy!! Wish I could send you a Nanny McPhee!!

  6. I love this! I SO wanted to be MacGyver too!!! :)
    Your home is beautiful and I love that you made a turkey. My mom usually has to help me out too, a cook I am not!

  7. Ha! Great post, and you made me feel better about NOT being able to use power tools effectively. I'm not the greatest chef either, but I do love to cook, and I really like to "arrange" (some call it organizing or styling). I could spend my days arranging things. Something for me to think about. Thanks!