Building a Banquette from Bifold Closet Doors

9:06 PM Katy 8 Comments

Well, there's progress and then there's....progress.

First of all, I went over to Deb's and me and Amelia installed the floor vent adapter thingie. This involved a lot of duct tape. (I had to buy this ductwork so here is the first expense, boo hiss!!! About $15 at Lowe's)

 Once the air was flowing in the correct direction, I cut the bifold doors.
 I cut a vent opening after this picture:

 This is where the other door will be installed, using the hinges that came with the doors. I didn't want to buy expensive piano hinges to make the seat flip up, it was a pain in the butt and too much money. The doors already have hinges attached, so voila!

I have been driving around with my minivan packed with all of my tools and lumber. Since I have the three kids with me all of the time, I can barely unpack my sh*t and get the compressor hooked up before they are whining or I need to take them home for baths etc. I'm working in 1-hour intervals and it's a little frustrating, BUT I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN. WORRY NOT.

I must be yelling a lot this week because my 6 year old sang to my 4 year old tonight:
"Do what she says or you'll face the screeeeeee-ching!".

He made me laugh. At least they aren't scared of me.

My 4 year old asked me tonight when I was going to quit my job so "we can be together again". I had to explain that I couldn't ever quit my job.

I am now experiencing the usual feelings of wanting to burst into tears and stab my ex husband all at the same time. Is there a prescription for this malady??

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  1. Katy we walk the same path, my kids constantly complain - you're always painting, drilling, sewing! That's right kids - it's my job and I love it. PS - You make me nervous with that saw, no eye gear and flip flops! We can't loose any Mommy parts!!

  2. Ugh. Jack asks me every morning, "After you go home to your office, when will you be back here?" Uh, I don't live at my office. . . I hate that he thinks that. In 20 years your 4 year old will realize how much his mom sacrificed for him and how hard she worked. And how much she rocked a circular saw. . .

  3. lol...I can so relate to your I build furniture as a job and am trying to just get by. Love the flip flops by the look like me in my shop just skinnier lol.....keep all the good stuff coming and I am sure your kids love you like crazy...cheers, Sheryl

  4. Oh, your 4 year old's question stabs at my heart, I feel for you sweetie. Try not to focus on it, just enjoy the time you have together, they do grow so quickly. And I wish I could look that good in jeans and flip flops :)

    Suzy xxx

  5. ""I am now experiencing the usual feelings of wanting to burst into tears and stab my ex husband all at the same time. Is there a prescription for this malady??""

    Only remedy is either stabbing him (which I don't actually recommend even though I've thought the exact same thing myself several times) or living well.

    Choose the later!

  6. oh! thanks ladies, and the reason I was sawing without my safety glasses was because I COULDN'T FIND THEM! ARGH!

  7. Bless your heart young'un. Even though I'm an old gal now, my life many years ago was similar to your own foolproof prescription...I agree with Dawn...George Hebert (a British metaphysical poet) is often quoted..."Living well is the best revenge." Indeed! Keep the faith!

  8. Katy, I love your blog and I love your spirit and can-do attitude. Your kids are learning that from you. I have the exact same feelings toward my ex when I get those questions, I didn't ask to be a single parent, I didn't choose this!