Monday, September 12, 2011

I had to go to Tybee Island for work this weekend. I loooove that island, it's such a fun place. The Fish Art gallery is my fave:
It's a cross between a junkyard, a GoodWill, and an art gallery! While I was there I found these old jars:
They are too cute in my kitchen (FYI - they are stuffed with Little Debbie cakes). I also got some plates that will be appearing in Deb's kitchen makeover.
Here are the bifold closet doors that I sanded and primed tonight:

Yeah I love taking pictures in the dark, but that's when I'm usually working on this stuff. These are being installed tomorrow night, and then hopefully the banquette will be finished this weekend and we're moving on to the built-in plate rack.

Also: remember when I went wild one night and came home with a flaming golf cart and these guys?

They're all grown up now. sniff.
Turns out that little one with the yellow stripes on his head was a male mallard! He has no clue that he's different from his family. :) They are glued to each other, and thankfully there turned out the be 2 males and 2 females. (The three black ducks are Cayugas.)

They still come around for food but they don't stick around to socialize. Darn kids!
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  1. What a TEASE...can hardly WAIT for the banquette reveal!!! (Still lovin' your all living things, they grow out of baby-hood SO quickly 'eh!?


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