Paint Guns & Choosing Paint

9:27 AM Katy 2 Comments

Once upon a time I bought a paint gun like this from Harbor Freight:
 And it was a terrible sad day indeed. The paint never did come out of that nozzle, no matter how much I tried to thin the paint down.
 This morning when I got to my office, I found this surprise waiting for me. The chemical engineer here always has paint guns, and I told him I wanted to try one like this. (Hooks up to my compressor rather than a plug-in-the-wall model.)  This one was only $15!!
This is my office, it's actually "tidied up" in this shot. HA! Anyway, the chemical dude left me this paint gun, and I'm super excited to use it on Deb's kitchen.
We are in the paint selection process right now. This is the photo Deb liked the most:
And currently we're testing out "Reflecting Pool" by Behr. It's pale blue-gray. I wish it was slightly more lavender like the above photo. It can be hard to pick a lavender that doesn't come across like a baby girl's room, don't you think?

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  1. You GO Katie!! I live in a 1200 sq ft condo with limited storage space, so I just borrow my kid brother's compressor...maybe when I'm all grown up, I could have my very!!

  2. Maybe look at Benjamin Moore Violet Mist? I did a bedroom--it was beautiful.