Plate Rack Installed & Some More Inspiration

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Okay. Normally I would not post this picture of me goofing off, except that I couldn't get the other pics of the plate rack installation off my stupid phone.

So ANYWAY. Measure the plate rack, cut a giant hole in the sheetrock, and then cut through the studs with a Sawzall. This is NOT A LOAD-BEARING WALL, so I was fine to hack out a bunch of studs.
Then once the plate rack was slid home, I just nailed through the frame into the studs.  I will admit that I tried to cut through the top studs myself and couldn't do it, since I am not tall enough, the Sawzall is too heavy, and when I tried to get on the ladder and reach the studs I was afraid I would cut off my arm. So we had to call Bobby the Contractor down the street, and he was very good about the whole thing. He saved my ass, for sure. I can admit when I can't do something. (*teeth gnashing*)
Banquette is almost done...
More trim work, this is not finished. There will be some more trim, in the meantime the girls' homework is to caulk and paint everything. That chair rail is getting painted...oh and all of the trim was torn out of a photography studio that was undergoing renovations, and the carpenter gave it to me. I had to scrape all the caulk off the picture moulding and pull out the nails, but it was worth it. FREE.
This is some of my inspiration. You see all that woodwork behind the banquette? I like this built-in "pub" look for the banquette area, because it is super easy to recreate with bits of moulding. I have a mountain of scrap bits of picture and chair rail, so I thought it would be perfect.
and inspiration for the plate rack area.

Okay so that's where I'm at. Maybe I'll save the rest for the final reveal on "Phase 1" of this renovation, because "Phase 2" is all the cabinetry on the other side of the kitchen. I will say that it's only been 2 weeks? since I started this project, and I'm already through the hardest parts. And I've only spent like $20 so far. So YAY!

P.S.- people at my church heard about what I'm doing here, and they offered some help. A guy who manages a flooring company offered free tile! So it looks like this is going to be even more awesome than I had planned.

P.S.S.- And for those of you who want to do something like this but are afraid of the work: my dad came over to install Deb's new kitchen faucet (result of a nice donation from another church parishioner), and when he saw that I was about to hack a big hole in the wall for the plate rack he gave me "the look".

The look that says You really bit off more than you can chew this time, this is waaaaay too much work. I love my Dad, but he's not one for going whole-hog and launching himself at something makes me doubt myself every time!

But I said to myself NO -- you can do it.


Am I right? :)

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  1. Go big or go home is right! Very impressive big hole you made in the wall, now filled with a very impressive big plate rack. Well done. It is really looking good.

  2. Agree. No point in tip toeing around, go for the full on overhaul. You knew you could manage, it's proof of the true strength of women.

  3. Well of COURSE you're right...the evidence is in the results! That plate rack is amazing...your talents know no bounds!

  4. in new hampshire they say "go big or die". hmm...maybe i'm wrong about that but it sound good. ;)

    that's a hell of an undertaking for a single mom of 3 w/ a full-time job--you're shaming me quite a bit. but not enough to make me stop watching.

    keep it up!


  5. Totally right! You don't know what you can do until you try, and since you're willing to ask for help when you ARE in over your head, I say you're golden. Go big or go home!