A Plate Rack on Steroids

9:23 AM Katy 6 Comments

Ok this is my vision for Deb's kitchen, because she's got a corner exactly like this. 
(can't figure out where this came from, sorry!)

Except the banquette is going to be L-shaped. (And not this ornate traditional decor.)  The only thing that was really bugging me about this idea was the thought of leaning your head back too far and crashing into plates. Maybe that's not as serious an issue as I am imagining. She doesn't have toddlers.

 This is the plate rack that I scored:
It is as tall as me. My boss is renovating his kitchen and he yanked this out of the wall and stuck it in the garage. I convinced him to give it to me (since I helped them pick out tile to coordinate with their new countertops.)  :)

This is actually way too big for Deb's wall. I have to cut it down -- I'm thinking I could make two plate racks out of it and just use one for Deb.

I also realized there's an air vent on the floor where the banquette needs to go, so I have to re-work the whole thing so it's up on legs.

This is already getting complicated and I haven't even plugged in my saw yet! :)

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  1. Could you not extend the duct to vent out the bottom of the banquette? I've seen people do that with platform beds that interfere with a duct.

    This is a great project!

  2. I could...but then I gotta find some ductwork supplies for free.
    Actually that might be easier. Thanks Beth!

  3. Or maybe I don't need the aluminum. I'll just cut a hole in the banquette and put the vent there. hmm.

  4. They make plastic re-routers with a metal vent, that go under kitchen base cabinets. Do you know any cabinet makers that might have an extra? Or could you build a tunnel with wood then add the vent?

  5. Cute! I can't wait to see the finished project.

  6. This is going to be really cool. Can't wait to see if finished.