Scavenging, Part I

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*for some reason my previous post about this project did not enter my feed. I have no idea why! But read this to see why I'm renovating another kitchen*

Yesterday I was wracking my brain: where am I going to find nice plywood for free? and paint?  

I spoke with the carpenter who lives down the street from me.  Turns out he's got some scraps he'd love to get rid of, and he said he would drop them off in my garage. As I'm standing there talking to him, the painter across the street walked up and said

"So what are you up to now Katy?"   (lol)

When I told him, he said "hey I've got paint you can have".

So this is what arrived today so far:
 Stain-grade oak, a mountain of trim scraps, and some primer. The painter hasn't come by yet, I'm hoping he's got more primer and some semi-gloss. This scavenging business hasn't been too difficult so far, but I know it will get tougher...

I'm building the window banquette this week.

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  1. You have a very lucky friend! What a wonderful project.

  2. Oh, best of luck with your scavenging! I wish I could help. I agree on the last post - that "decorate with your own stuff" show was mostly a miss.

  3. C'mon c'mon C'MON...results please!! Can hardly wait, knowing whatever you create will be spectacular...ALMOST makes me wish I were an engineer too...OH WAIT...NOPE...was married to one (lol)...I'll stay a social worker and just live vicariously through your talents!

    Take care young'un


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