Halloween Candy & Razor blades

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So yesterday I came home from work to find this little chain-letter-halloween-bucket thing on the front porch:
You see anything that SHOULDN'T BE THERE???
This is why I hate Halloween.
The chain letter states that you're supposed to make 2 buckets like this and leave it on two doorsteps that haven't been hit, and you hang the phantom print-out in your window to show you've received this.
No thanks, I don't want to get arrested. Cripes.
I called the cops, and one of them stopped by to search the candy for "injection holes". (Now I'm totally excited to let my kids trick or treat this year, awesome.)
The officer determined that the lady who put these together used the blade to slice open the light stick packages, because she was separating them out and everything else in the bucket was in twos. Apparently she forgot to take two of the lightsticks out of the package, and then she accidentally dropped the razor in there with the candy.

Which is interesting, since when I cut open packages I always use a bare razor blade instead of scissors, and then I forget what I'm doing since I'm probably high as a kite. Yup.

I feel super lucky that I stuck my hand down in that bucket first before my kids got hold of it.

Anyway, nobody else has reported getting a bucket of candy and razorblades on their doorstep, so I guess that's a good enough explanation.

The cop turned around to leave and saw my pallet wall.

This turned into a 15-minute conversation about how I built this, and how he wants to copy this in his den at home. The look on his face when I told him that I did it with my nail gun was pretty darn funny.

Incidentally, men who see this pallet wall are universally enthralled, and I'm wondering if I accidentally turned my living room into a man cave without realizing it. lol

Remember people: search that candy for injection holes before you let your kids eat anything. Trick or Treat. :(

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  1. Whoa. I'm glad you called the police! I'm psycho about checking candy and my husband always makes fun of me. Bet he won't after he reads this post. And yes, I'll make him!

  2. I remember trick-or-treating and getting home baked popcorn balls, candy apples, cupcakes, etc and being invited in the house for hot chocolate. Could you imagine that now ... the police would be at your door in a flash!

  3. My daughter has four little boys, and although she's let them Trick-or-Treat for the past couple of years, she checks every single treat before she allows them to indulge. Sad world 'eh? On another note, I can IMAGINE why men LOVE your pallet wall...ummmm...so do WOMEN young'un!!

  4. Well that's one hot man cave then! I love that wall and I am not male. Lol.

    I love this post - not that you received a surprise razor blade candy package (that is crazy!), but your sense of humor was great. (I just stumbled over from Lindsey @ Better After. You're pretty awesome.)

  5. What a scare, but I"m glad you dove into the bucket of candy before the kiddos did.

    I just read all your posts about the progress you are making on your friend's kitchen - it is looking fantastic.

  6. I guess I'm kind of strange, because I use razor blades for everything. Super useful and always sharp! They are all over our house sitting on shelves or window sills. Friends have often remarked on it, but now I finally feel super weird indeed. :D


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