Trimming Cabinets with Whatever

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I got to the point in Debbie's kitchen makeover where I wanted to add height to the cabinets. I've seen a lot of elaborate "box building" to achieve a really custom (and expensive) look, like this one by Kristin:

However, remember that we are doing this on a budget of No Money. I found enough crown scraps to do the top of Deb's cabinets, but I needed to add height first.
First I added blocks. I attached these scrap pieces of wood to the top of the cabinets. {insert standard apology about my terrible pictures - I promise somebody with a real camera is going to take the final pictures when I'm done!}
 Then I added baseboard molding and nailed through the blocks to hold it in place. These are scrap baseboards that look like this

The contractor down the street had some of this leftover. I didn't have long enough pieces to do it all in one run, so I pieced it together:
 Once I'm done smoothing this over you'll never know it's not one piece. Drywall compound, caulk, and paint are magical things.
 Then I nailed the crown moulding to the top of the baseboards.
And covered the edge where the cabinets end and the baseboard starts. These are little 1/2" strips of trim that I bought, but they were only $3 each.
I'm taking all the doors off and getting ready to paint now. I don't want to see those hinges, so I may paint them white or get different hinges. Not sure yet.

One of the guys at my church runs a flooring warehouse. He told me to come and pick something this morning. He had an entire pallet of 18" nice tile...just sitting there not going to be used...enough to do Deb's floors, countertops, and backsplash.

He's such a nice guy, he's going to throw in the grout and backerboard too. There's going to be a massive amount of tiling in the very near future. Exciting!
EDITED***** There is a much easier/better way to use baseboard for trimming the top of cabinets -- just flip the baseboard upside down and nail it to the front face of the cabinets!! I kinda wish I had done that instead....

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  1. Free tile AND grout? What a great guy!

  2. Um, amazing. Please come build me a playhouse for my children. Because I'm too lazy and lacking in skills to do so. I promise I'll be entertaining, I take direction well, and I'll cook and bake for you while you're here. Deal?

  3. So resourceful! I love the look of the crown on top of the cabinets. It adds such great architectural interest and I love how you did it! Paint and caulk hide a multitude of sins, don't they?

    Getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets too, and am getting excited to start! It's going to be a process, for sure, but it will be worth it in the end!


  4. It's just the most deLIGHTful thing, watching you re-do Deb's kitchen. I'm very interested to learn more about painting her cabinets. I want to do mine, but I'm still nervous, so I'll be reading closely to learn what you'll be using. Once're one AMAZING lady!


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