Debbie's Kitchen Reveal!

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Read this for background on who Debbie is, and why I asked her if I could renovate her kitchen. Knowing what she knows now, she may wish that she'd declined. muhahahaha  

Also, this isn't a full-scale renovation, it's more like a "facelift". (That still took me 10 weeks!)

When I invaded, the faucet was broken again and she had shut the hot water off completely to control the leaking.  One of the drawers had been broken and unusable for 2 years.

 The flooring had holes. Things were really coming undone...

Debbie works 12-15 hour days, 7 days a week. She has 3 jobs. She did not have a single day off from the time I started this project in September until now. She fractured her back over the summer, and wears a back brace 24/7. She is a home health aide and takes care of elderly, terminally ill patients.

(Deb's favorite color is lavender and this wall color isn't showing up right on my screen - it's not really blue in real life.)

She left the door unlocked so that I could come and go at odd hours, whenever I had time to work on it.
All of the carpentry projects (the banquette, the plate rack, cabinet & door trim etc) were free. I scavenged all of the materials. See: banquette, plate rack, and door trim.

When it came down to the floor, though, I couldn't figure out how to change that with no money.
Enter the people at my church. One guy gave us $200 in cash. Another guy manages a flooring company, and he gave me an entire pallet of leftover tile from his warehouse! 

Throughout this project there were electrical issues, termites, water damage, tiling mishaps, and I cried at least once. It was a little overwhelming with all of these kids, I am not gonna lie. :(

The no-sew box pleat valance and table runner were only 1 yard of discounted fabric. We stained her table to match the banquette..

I got the dishwasher back in just in time for Thanksgiving, and Deb's first day off in a long time. 

I think we can say Mission Accomplished. 

I have begged Deb's forgiveness for trashing her house for 10 weeks, ruining all of her kitchen rags, and acting like a lunatic. She gave me some yummy blueberry liquor. I love her. And I bought her new rags.

Thanks to Lisa Hartig for taking these pictures, I really need a camera don't I? ;)
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  1. This looks great! I think it's a beautiful, serene kitchen for a busy woman with children. I love the painted white cabinetry and all of the trim detail you added.

  2. You are an inspiration, Katy! Debbie must be thrilled. Beautiful!

  3. You are a little angel aren't you Katy? I'm telling you, you are. It's a great transformation and a great service. Even without replacing the ruined rags. But it was nice that you did that too! :-D

  4. Wow! What a: friend, talent, generous and creative and hardworking person!!! Lucky Deb.... Now take a break and pat yourself on the back!!

  5. She works three jobs and takes care of her kids? People like that amaze me and deserve special treats like the one you gave her. Bless you

  6. You are amazing! So generous, and beautiful to boot! She will smile every time she walks into that kitchen, for sure.

  7. This is an incredible kitchen! You are awesome and I am sure your friend is forever grateful to you.

  8. That's amazing-you did a FABULOUS job! I'll bet Debbie is in heaven-and it sounds like she deserves it!

  9. This is awesome. Love how it came out.

    You rock! I've just been reading through your blog. You crack me up and are totally inspiring. I'm so glad that you post this for all to see. You have some major talent.

    I'm following you now. I've got to see how the beach house turns everything else you post....

  10. Wow, way to be the hands & feet! I am so impressed and inspired, I love it!

  11. Amazing what you did - an on no budget! What an amazing friend you are.

    I've been reading back through your posts as I missed some and I have to say I think you are a brave woman to take on that beach house, but I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  12. I see these pics...and I think...your beach house will be such an AMAZING place of memories for you and your beautiful children Katy. I wish you could meet my're the SAME kind of Mommas!


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