Male Reactions.

4:53 PM Katy 12 Comments

me: Isn't this AWESOME! As soon as I tear it down, I mean.
 dad: Katy this is disgusting! If I'd seen it before you bought it I would have told you NO!
Me:  You know what's even more awesome? If I was married I never would have been allowed to buy this.

My boss: True!

me: I love this sink.
dad: *EYEROLL*

me: I want all the doors too-- and I found glass doorknobs in there! And do you know how much claw-foot bathtubs cost?

My brother: Maybe you can find someone to tear the house down in exchange for those Playboys. snicker.

I was told by the local contractor that he knew the previous owner. Apparently he was a local legend as a ladies' man, which would explain the stack of Playboys and his racks of leather coats.

...I am hoping to have the demolition finished in January.

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  1. This is too cool. Keep the sink, tub that great buffet but burn the mattresses. Maybe there is a craft project recycling leather jackets? Go girl.

  2. I'm excited to follow you as you work this enormous project!

    (PS - this is Saintseester, I'm closing that blog and going forward as myself)

  3. omg, you are a brave girl....i love that sink too....

  4. Well, outside of the obvious, it looks like there's a whole heck of a lot of stuff you can salvage! I love that dresser/table/console (?) in the last picture... But how long did Shorty live there? And what kind of ladies would have gone in that place looking like that? Anyway, I'm sooooo super excited to see the transformation!

  5. i believe at the time of Shorty's death last year, he was somewhat "retired" from the love game.

    i hope.

  6. hey, good for you! and yeah love that sink and such. love that you are living without permission.

    thought i'd let you know your blog shores me (!)


  7. Huge kudos to you for seeing the potential in that scary pile but OMG that sink! that buffet! I hope you have a fabulous time with this project. = )

  8. OMG - that is so awesome. Keep up updated on the projects step by step! Love it.

  9. lol! I've walked through many of these and I've come to realize that there aren't many ugly houses I don't like! The grosser it is, the more proud you'll be after it's beautified!

    Creatively Living Outside the Box

  10. omg! I'm almot dying here!! u crack me up!! Can't wait to move closer soon!! ;)

  11. When I lived in Savannah, I lived in a 500 ft carriage house in Ardsley Park, built in the 1930s. I had a sink just like the one in the shack's kitchen. Loved it. Did you get to re-use it?


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