Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's duck hunting season. Yesterday a boat came down into my parents' cove, and shot all of our pet ducks.

I'm not against hunting, and technically those hunters weren't doing anything wrong.

But I still hope their boat sinks.
Posted by Katy On 10:54 AM 6 comments


  1. Katy such an awful story, I too hope their boat sinks with them in it. Why do we need to shot ducks?

  2. What! Omg I hope their boat sinks too! can they do that to domesticated ducks?!

  3. ???!!!?!?!?!!! OMG! That's horrible!!! I hope your kiddos weren't too heartbroken?

  4. the kids don't know. We told them the ducks flew south for the winter. :(

  5. A cold chill went through my body...

    So so sad...
    Ducks are my favourite. Poor beasts!

    ugh. Don't know what to say...


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