Miller High Life

12:14 PM Katy 6 Comments

This plaster statue was found in the shack, covered with a thick layer of dirt. I am guessing this is from the 1940s or 50s, since she's wearing the vintage outfit.
The red sign at the bottom reads "Miller High Life".
 Someone tried to glue her together after she broke. I'm thinking Lucy needs to find a new life in the beach shack, don't you? I mean, the poor girl's still got her lipstick and eyebrow paint, for pete's sake.

Hmm. Perhaps I'm losing my perspective. A crumbling, neckless statue as decor? lol

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  1. Now this is a makeover I will be back to see.

  2. I like your miller high life girl, she's a keeper!
    I saw this pallet about Christmas pallet decor last night and it made me think of you and your pallets.

  3. oops I meant to say I saw a blog about Christmas pallet decor
    (I'm not so good at multi tasking )

  4. she's a wonder you love her!

    oh,were your ears burnin'?

  5. She's fabulous! Tie a jaunty ribbon around her neck and off you go...

    I hope life looks up for you and yours soon.


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