Update on the Beach Shack & A CRAZY story

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Well I stumbled upon another cache of yucky porn, so that part was bad. Also, the part about trying to flip mattresses and move junk without touching anything.
I would happily sleep on a park bench or beneath an overpass before I laid down in this nightmare.
 My brother made this trip out to the island with me because I needed his trailer and his muscles. I am somewhat limited and I can admit it. :(
 (Can you hear what he said? "Does WalMart have tetanus shots?" lol! Ignore my cackling)
We got the vintage refrigerator out but my brother convinced me it was a rusted piece of crap and I should leave it for the demolition. I am heartbroken because it looked like this one:

I'm still not over this.
We got the claw foot tub (date stamped 1930, I am in love) and the awesome sinks (stamped 1936). We used the Sawzall to hack through the steel plumbing pipes and all the other nasty stuff. Here it is after we loaded everything on the trailer. I got some doors and another set of glass doorknobs, too.

 We swung by the pretty lighthouse on the way out, just to erase some of the horror. It was like disinfectant for our eyes. We washed our hands 3 times and threw away our gloves, and we tried not to touch our clothes.

Later on my brother almost puked when I mentioned something about the house, while he was drinking a milkshake. It really is that bad -- I don't think the pictures fully convey the hopeless sick feeling in that place.

Anyway, demolition is now ready to proceed! Say goodbye to The Previous Owner's House of Love.

Does anyone else have an irritating little brother? The whole drive home he ragged on my pile of junk that he was dragging behind us. I kept trying to explain the worth of the claw foot tub and he just kept rolling his eyes.  But then......................

We're driving down I-95 and this pickup truck starts driving right next to us, motioning us frantically to pull over. It was so scary, all this traffic going 80 mph and we're freaking out because we thought maybe something was falling off the trailer! So we pull off the highway all crazy-like, the couple zooms ahead of us and pulls over, the woman jumps out of the passenger side and starts running toward us, and I start screaming at my brother "OH SH*T! DOES IT LOOK LIKE SHE'S GOT A GUN OR SOMETHING?!!!!!!!!!"
(I'm good at flipping out. I can admit that too.)

My brother rolls down the window, and the woman yells 

"Please will you sell me that bathtub!?"

No. Joke.

God really does have a sense of humor, kittens. I seriously almost pissed my pants in my brother's truck, but I reckon that woulda served him right. Heh.

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  1. LOL! Girl you crack me up. Love it.
    I tell everyone that I'm an only child,...(long pause) except for my brother. He's older, but sounds that same as yours.

  2. hahahaha! OMogsh! I can't wait for more stories about this place. Well, I guess the rest will be demoed but still....too funny!


  3. That's some love for him to help with that project. I PROMISE you my sister (who has no job and no children) would have been really busy on every.single.day I needed help. Can't wait to see what's next in store for this place!

  4. I know the porn is repulsive, but consider this.... you may be able to sell it and make quite a profit if it's not too damaged...

    ew... that's not how I meant it....

    you know what I mean.

  5. It's bootleg DVDs and some magazines. I have no idea how to "find" customers for that...nor do I want to have to meet some stranger off Craigslist who's looking to watch deviant sex acts !SHUDDER!
    but you're right -- I bet they are worth some $$$. sigh.

  6. Hi Katy....found you from your comment on my blog. I am following you back. I think...I know you will become one of my favorite reads! Cheers!

  7. Hehehe, peeing in his truck would have served him right for doubting a brilliantly thrifty and handy woman! Ha!

  8. umm... are you freaked out by the "marry me" comment or do you think maybe your hair ain't so crappy???

    jealous. i'm totally jealous that you have a set of balls on you like a ...sheesh. i can't even say it 'cuz i'm not hiding behind "anonymous" (ahem!) and it'd be too much imagery for your pg rating.

    you freakin' rock it, chick and so does your brother. i know this is going to work out just fine and dandy for you. it has to.

  9. Girl! I know it's been a few years since I've talked to you in person but I don't remember your accent being that thick or there at all, lol. It adds charm to the Walmart offers!

  10. Nikki -- my accent is changing. Everybody down here things I sound like a yankee. But everyone back home thinks I sound like a Southerner now. I'm a weird hybrid!!

  11. I take it you didn't sell the tub? That's hysterical! I have to say that is one nasty mess...yuckity-yuck!!!

  12. Okay, so PLEASE...did you SELL it?

  13. no i didn't sell it - and I told that chick to get back in her truck!

  14. Concerning Shorty's tub: You should've asked an extraordinary amount for the tub. Who knows, maybe she would've paid it?

    Concerning the accent: Tell them you're speaking Texan.

  15. OMGGGG hahaaa I love it! Hey, I just found your blog today and can't stop reading about your beach house.. *sigh*.. you are my hero! so yes, I'm reading every single post :D


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