Saturday, January 14, 2012

This may be the only recipe you'll ever see on this blog. I am not good in the kitchen, but since I got this TOTALLY AWESOME 1950s MIXER at the antique store last week, I really wanted to give it a whirl.

The mixer, I mean. The banana pudding was just because my son loves it and it's the only thing I can't screw up.
 I made this up based on a couple of recipes, here's what we did:
Oh who cares right? It's not like you can't google a million better recipes for banana pudding. Let's just look at the mixer:

 The settings are: 
1-Slow Mixing
2-Heavy batters
3-Prepared Mixes
4-Juicing Fruits
5-Icings, Creaming
6-Whip Cream
7-Whip Potatoes
8-Candy, Beat Eggs
 9-Cooked Icings
I am pretty sure that I will never know what all of those settings mean. All I know is that the higher the number, the faster it whipped the pudding.

Anyway, 1950's appliances are awesome. I paid $30 for it and those huge KitchenAid mixers are what? $300? Yikes.
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  1. My commercial Kitchen Aid was $500! And your version is much more attractive. How have I never made banana pudding with chocolate before? YUM!


  2. So cool you found an awesome WORKING vintage mixer at the thrift store! So cool, and you bandanna pudding looks awesome as well. :)

  3. i read your blog, every post. esp on low days for me- i come here and you cheer me on. not even knowing. anyways, love this mixer and esp because of the language on each speed- just that takes a person back in time. "cooked icings"?!!! love it!

    keep on.


  4. she who appreciates a mixer.... rocks. and should toast the hell outta it w/ a sloshy margarita.

    my mom's still using her sunbeam mixer from her bridal shower...49 years ago. only smokes a little.

    mix on, my friend.

  5. I found this site in a search about this blender. I bought mine at an estate sale for $1! They also had the attachments there, but unfortunately I didn't buy them because I didn't know they were attachments until I got home. But it works perfectly and I am in love with it! Perfect for the upcoming holidays! :)


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