DIY Sandblasting

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I am not thrilled with the idea of paying money to have this iron bed sandblasted. (I am not thrilled with the idea of paying for anything I think I can do myself, but I also feel like the money needs to be spent elsewhere in this venture.)

So.  I had to use my dad's compressor because it's a lot bigger than mine:
 And my dad has a sandblasting tool for it, because he does a lot of work on old outboard engines. You can get one of these at Harbor Freight and they're not expensive. (Incidentally, my dad is building a mini tugboat for the lake parade this 4th of July, I'm going to blog about that eventually) -

 I used a respirator mask for this test run, and it was slow going. The sand gets absolutely everywhere and I think I etched my glasses.

Note: this bed is from the 1880's and it's most definitely covered in several layers of lead paint. I am not recommending that anybody try DIY sandblasting like this.

If I die early from some weird illness, you'll know that it was either  A) something I contracted from the shack, or B) something I inhaled in my DIY adventures.

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  1. Way to go Katy! You are a true DIYer.....glad you wore the mask!

  2. i want a sandblaster! i love peeling sunburned skin, elmers off my fingers, power washing, and stripping furniture. i know i would LOVE sandblasting.

    and how did i miss the story on the bed?

    oh, yeah. it must be b/c you don't have that lil' email subscription thingy.

  3. can I just say, there is a whooping load of talent in your family...yeesh! share the love ;)

  4. Sandblasting can restore metal works such the above but precautions must be observed to avoid risking respiratory contamination.


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